Monday, 11 April 2016

Mandy Puts One Over Vixen

The lean, mean, fighting mature Mandy in the same lucky fight knickers she always wears ( info from BFUK ) goes up against the more rounded Vixen.

In a roll-around my money would be on Vixen; in a stand-up my money would still be on Vixen because she is a good-looking powerhouse and power-slaps awesomely.

Magnificent Mandy has proved herself, some, in the roll-around grappling and in the stand-up: I am in awe of her after her rookie fights against Sahara and Portia and the more recent slap-down of Layla.

Would it be the bedspread or the hard floor?

It's the hard floor; a stand-up likely and a solid slapfest. I've seen both slap and they have impressed me, Mandy dogged and determined, Vixen, a powerful hard slap leaving Sahara and Carmen sorely bruised, and yet, not beaten, when she fought them. 

The slaps and hair tugging are not going to win the fight but in stand-up it's who quits first, or, at the end of the third round I can decide for myself who wins. 

Bfuk are not willing to raise the hand of the winner. Wish they would then there might be more clutter discussion but cleaner stats.

I imagine very few of the BFUK fighters have ever considered the win or a loss as a vital or valid stat., and the time of keeping scores and a league table has long since disappeared, since the demise of the old forum.

To the fight: Mandy steps up to the plate, wholesomely topless, and....darn it! Vixen keeps her top on but she looks positive as she flexes herself on the start-plate, looking keener, and at the off, they go for each other's hair, looking for the hefty slap.

A slapping start, but it's a slow start for Mandy, as Vixen piles on some vicious overhead power wallops on Mandy's back ( six in a row ) which seems to redden up very quickly. No surprise there.

Unfortunately Mandy's strategy ( if she had one ) is compromised because Vixen uses her left hand and Mandy's right hand timing gains little effect. 

First round to Vixen though she had to lift her sliding downwards knickers to cover her embarrassment: topless Mandy v bottomless Vixen would be an eye-catcher.

Mandy's slaps are affected again by the bludgeoning left hand of Vixen, the slapping more hazardous as they reach for other areas of the body, the hair tugging persistent as they look for the slap.

Vixen's defence is good, she wiggles her frame to avoid quite a few of Mandy's slaps, causing Mandy to appear a bit wild with the occasional missile-swipe miss.

Mandy's timing is sometimes off due to Vixen's left hand but she's improving and Vixen is forced to fend her off or hold onto Mandy's ammunition right arm.

Oof! An explosive tit-slap stings Mandy, her left elbow automatically flexes to cuddle the after-shock where the slap landed but only for an instant, then she's back into the fray.

Second round again to Vixen. Mandy must be frustrated, seemingly unable to counter fully the points lead by Vixen though she's trying hard.

Their hair totally mussed up, the third round gets under-way and Mandy, it's now or never. Vixen is keeping her firmly against the ropes and pounding hard.

As Vixen tires she is not so able to defend herself, quite so well and Mandy gets in more hard slaps. Mandy looks determined to keep the fight going to the end, which can't be far away but Vixen seems to be wavering and the fight stops before the final whistle.

Vixen is congratulated for her win before they realise that Vixen had actually submitted and a happy Mandy accepts the credit for the win. 

Had Vixen kept it up until the fight was called to an end I reckon she had the points win though I'm pleased for Mandy, after her initial setbacks, she'd have gone an extra round just to prove her stamina. 

Lovely photo of Mandy, thrilled to finish the winner.

Score: Vixen - Defence - 8/10
                       Offense  - 9/10
                       Total    - 17/20

         Mandy - Defence - 6/10
                       Offense -  8/10
                       Total     -  14/20

Crit - Mandy stays low and head down, Vixen capitalized and kept her low to release overhead slaps frequently. Staying more up-right would have given Mandy a better view of what's coming, so her defense and offense could improve just by seeing what's about to hit her. This may suggest that the hair tugs are important in the stand-up fight and the expert at that is Sahara who has beaten both Mandy and Vixen.

Vixen stayed more upright and dodged some of the force of in-coming slaps but she gave up when the fight was nearly over. Mind you, Mandy did the same against Portia. Vaguely annoying.

Just goofin, saying is easy but Mandy is the winner and improves her stats to 2 and 2. Vixen is 1 and 3 losses. 

Is Mandy or Vixen ready for a rematch with Sahara? I'd like to think so. 

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