Friday, 29 April 2016

HAIR POOL 5 in Twos.

Fighting in conveniently loose clothing by competing ladies like Carmen and Faith, screams into excitement as they are totally committed in a grudge fight. They are not wearing bras so you wouldn't think the seriousness and the sight of breasts partially revealed in the struggle blended but of course it worked and added hugely, making the fight totally sexciting - from my point of view.

Carmen made it plain she was angry with Faith's attitude and Faith made it plain she could deal with Carmen's anger.

Carmen gets inside Sahara's arms in this hair-pull action, A1 for a normal cat-fight oil? The slippery foothold insecure and tricky. 

The slaps were landed and skin reddened by the time Carmen sat on Sahara's face to finally put an end to a long run of wins by Sahara.

I think the girls and I have taken to oil fights because the three elements of basic BFuk cat-fights are present in the fights and have turned out seriously competitive.

Carmen's body forced into muscular display, terrified to lose contact with Sahara, which of course is by the hair and Sahara ain't too happy..but slappy. 

The cute bodies becoming red raw with slaps but one hand is always available for pressure on the hair, so a tug one way releases the slap or, you never know, even the start of a take-down.

A marathon fight for Sahara and Justice, they've learned each other's strengths and like boxers, suffer the hard slapping blows, so tired but they stubbornly look for the hair-pull and shift, to try and find the final take-down or to target with their free hand, a slap on injured skin: a strength-sapping fight.

Hard to tell if Amy hands have a tight hold on Lottie's hair but the pain is showing on Lottie's face just the same. ( above pic from the rematch )

No doubt about the assault on Amy's hair, Lottie is making Amy squirm in their first match.

It must be a fierce hair attack, Portia ( left ) attempts to ease the grip with her hand on Mandy's wrist in their excellent stand-up brawl.

 They are prepared to pull hair in a stand-off in between the heavy slapping attacks; when they went to the floor, they were equals. 

I'm not good on seeing the women suffer while they are fighting but in my opinion these two took me to just beyond the limits of punishing each other in a fight. Awesome viewing but I did cringe at times.

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