Sunday, 10 April 2016

Boxing Gallery - Solo - Natalie


On the day she fought her final cat-fight at BFuk, Natalie strapped on the boxing gloves for a photo shoot before taking on Faith. 

She was coolly confident, so was Faith, to watch them fight it out was a privilege: the spoils going to Natalie.

She took on six foot tall Trinny on a mat in the barn, the straw getting everywhere in a cat-fight battle, when the tough blonde Trinny adversely affected her stats.

Her battles against Axa were furiously contended, both happy to wear the boxing gloves before they fought, equally happy to strip topless and display their gorgeous bodies before they engaged in a monumental slap-fest, hair-pull and grapple which almost went too far.

Little versus large in an, let's say, exhibition fight by two champions at BFuk ( princess ) Natalie against queen
 Sahara in a topless meeting. 

A very sexy workout for both in a demanding three rounder when Sahara unbelievably kept her crown intact with a draw.

I think the barn looks a fantastic location for a boxing match and Trinny v Natalie would have been a boxing match to remember. 

Natalie does have some experience of laying gloves on another, strangely enough, another six-footer called Daisy when they had a body boxing fight in the early days. 

I'm certain Natalie would have given her all, so I'll give her the decision against Trinny.

Superbly hot, topless in boxing gloves, the hair tied back, the confident posture, all we need is a touch of liniment to make the skin sing with shine and I'm in ecstasy.

Billed as a fetish-wear cat-fight, Natalie and Samara pose in the beegees and both are knock-outs, their cat-fight that day was also a knock-out, taking their time to strip to topless in the third round was a KO......... for me.

Both Natalie and Trinny draped themselves in the Union Jack as they pose in the beegeez, a cat-fight title for the best British woman: Trinny put her stamp on that title, then vanished.

Natalie and Carmen had some eye-opening pics when they met to cat-fight, Natalie is against the wall but not for long when she forces Carmen to submit.

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