Thursday, 28 April 2016

Boxing Gallery-Solo-Carmen


Carmen met the lot in her cat-fights at BFuk but at 5' 7" with a good body physique that easily takes the eye, wearing red panties and stockings she ventured into something new, not just posing in beegees but actually boxing another girl outdoors.

The peek-a-bo is her defence, assets dangerously at risk; the pose: pleasurably risque.

That's an aggressive flex but once you drag your eyes away from her splendid body, you can see that there may be other reasons for her proud stance: she was about to fight Faith, her sworn enemy.

The defiant face and the arms akimbo merely enhances her sexiness.

She is a sexy boxer who knows how to toy with your imagination: and Carmen, it works for me.

Red is a danger colour though any colour would suit Carmen because she is a striking woman.

The gorgeous body and the fighting pose are a contradiction for me but Carmen put herself on the line to cat-fight whoever BFuk threw at her and she always fought her best.

Got to finish with a rear view of a stalwart BFuk cat-fighter, an extraordinary woman.

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