Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Notable Newbie Fights 3


When Faith voiced her thoughts on the old forum, she was careful not to be too confident going into her opening fight with Panther. 

Understandably, she sounded doubtful and that we, the fans, shouldn't expect too much, because catfighting was completely new to her.

She'd already set her store with sensational subtly nude pics; in one pic, in beegees with dirt marks on her body - boxing in the dirt sprung to mind. I like that thought, one more ' thank you,' of many, to Faith.

Panther was a friend of Electra's and I presume the BFuk management offered her a fight when she was there encouraging Electra in one of her fights, and she had agreed to a cat-fight.

Wow! A gorgeous woman in full bloom, who totally looks after herself. 

Panther actively encouraged Electra to trash her opponents by hair ragging ( shaking the head by the hair violently ). 

I took to calling Panther, Electra's coach, only because of her voice, off camera. ( Of course I'm nosy, I wanted to know more about her, because she was Electra's friend and I was privileged to find out and.............. so did Faith.)

Knowing that few girls at BFuk actually know anything about their opponent before the fight, I'm thinking Panther is nearer to hardcore if not more, due to her connection with and encouragement of Electra.

Sultry, sexy Faith poses before the fight and if I'm predicting pre-fight, then Faith has to contradict my thought that she is not going down hard: she didn't.

The hair situation may not figure in this fight. Faith's tied up loosely but Panther's in a pigtail, both she and Electra were not into flowing, loose hair in a cat-fight.

The uncertain smile shows in Faith's face as she studies a woman somewhat bigger then her, who looks positive and very serious. ' How's this gonna work out?' She thinks.

Panther aggressively seizes Faith in a headlock and Faith hangs in tight to resist total dominance, Panther is the definitely the stronger woman.

Faith wants the hair to figure, her clawed hand gripping Panther's tight to the scalp hair and Panther looks as if she's suffering scalp tingling as she struggles to throw Faith.

Despite resistance from a fighting Faith the throw is inevitable from Panther.

The throw is successful and Faith tumbles to the mat as Panther seeks the mount.

Faith still has a hair hold on Panther as they struggle but her extra strength is telling and there is not the slightest loophole in Panther's furious assault that Faith is able to exploit though she still resists.

Panther seizes Faith's loosened hair while she is face down between her thighs.

In the ensuing rounds Faith, her right eye bruised, faces Panther bravely, realising she can only resist the stronger and more aggressive woman, until the end of the fight.

Panther asserts herself with hair ragging, while making it clear to Faith by yelling at her, ' You can't win ' and so forcing the submission.

The score isn't applicable, Faith's resistance to a beat-down from Panther saved her dignity.

Panther made no further appearances at BFuk but you can see for yourself she would have been a considerable asset alongside Electra, perhaps in a tag team, posing in boxing gloves: I could go on but it wasn't going to happen.

Faith's baptism was an ordeal, not knowing what she was up against. Faith went down fighting and despite the injuries she sustained in the fight, the plucky lady stayed on for a considerable time at BFuk and her finest moments were yet to happen.

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