Sunday, 8 May 2016

Miscellaneous Asides 4

Arms akimbo and clenched fists is Lacey's way of saying she's going to dominate her opponent. If you can't tell that by her demeanour, her face reflects the confidence of having sussed her opponents weaknesses and she's ready to prove it.

An off moment for Natalie as she begins to cool after a trouncing from Chelseab. She fought courageously for three rounds and suffered, pretty badly.

Sofia for once puts on a serious looking face to match her fighting stance but I can still see the smile floating there. Never mind that, look at that sweet figure, now I'm all smiles.

Lacey reflects on her defeat from Faith, though fair to say it was a mismatch it was close enough, as Faith found out.


Lovely Layla is down again recovering from posing in boxing gloves - that can't be right - sorry, after her fight with Kelly.

Fighting fitness coupled with a fierce stare is what a queen of cat-fights should show and Sahara is more than capable as you can see, that's why, without doubt, she is the current queen of BFUK.

Changing the pic's background of the gorgeous Natalie, is just a whim of mine, I'm happy to do that for a former queen of BFUK.

Cute Lacey might still be exchanging insults with Faith after their close cat-fight. There were some witty but insulting ripostes during the fight

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