Sunday, 22 May 2016

Boxing Gallery - Solo - Lacey - and me gossiping.


You might think a good gust of wind would blow this woman over. At 5'2" and around 100 lbs., probably nearer 95 lbs ( is that pinweight?) when she started at BFUK, and due to my developing admiration for this plucky lass as she fought her way cat-fight to cat-fight, I certainly became a staunch fan.

Lacey in her first appearance with BFUK, her petiteness almost dwarfed by the boxing gloves.

No sign she wanted to have a boxing match, like most women at BFuk; her rivalry with Sahara had twisted my imagination to envision the ultimate boxing bout ( or any kind of fight ) between these two.

A cute little lady in big boxing gloves and as big a heart when she fought.

Bare-fisted bravery in her pose, though her time at BFUK was spotty, her rivalry with Sahara - that the fans just won't let lie - perhaps big enough that she bravely returned after a long lay-off to lay the rivalry finally to rest and.............. couldn't do it - a draw.

So, is the fact that she couldn't take Sahara's title gnawing at her enough to look for a rematch. Sahara's up for it - which leaves the big question, is Lacey? Will it take another gap of 4 years for a rematch? A long time to drum my fingers.

Could that pretty lady's little enigmatic smile mean that she might return for that blockbuster rematch sooner rather than later? Fingers crossed, I hope so.

A sweet face belies a tough, petite, lean and mean, aggressive fighter who probably has the best chance of beating Sahara if it comes to a rematch, but Sahara has amazingly achieved so much over the years she has spent at BFUK and has become a real force to be reckoned with against any fighter whom BFUK has produced, so far. 

It's fair to say Lacey has not but with her hands in Sahara's hair she is capable of causing the biggest upset at BFUK and that would cause a minor earthquake in cat-fight circles.

Despite the aggressive punch and stance, her personality does not roar out at you, she just quietly motors along bringing out her best when she cat-fights.

Lacey's  last appearance at BFUK when she fought Sahara but I hope it's not her final appearance? Sahara is waiting for her decision! We all are!

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