Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Miscellaneous Asides 5

Axa and Hannah have had their wicked way with each other on the bedding and they are exhausted. So am I! Oops! should add, this was a cat-fight.

Carmen has just beaten Sahara and her expression is quite smug as she takes her seat on the queen's face ( the only positive face-sit at BFUK) whose expression is of a young lady struggling to breathe. ( Inner thoughts! ) What a way to go!

The BFUK gals meet to fight but initially to display the glamour side of cat-fighting. Ruby and Becca back to back with Axa ( left ) and Emma, perhaps acting as their seconds.

Alluringly sexy, willing to fight, has to be, like them, heavenly. Out of the four I'd say Ruby ( sitting ) is the best fighter in that group but I'll let you fight it out as to who is ( your ) sexiest.

Charming Sharni ( in black ) visited BFUK once only, to fight Danni. 

Palsy-walsy in the pic but Danni did wonder what hit her when the fight got under way. Sexy as it all was, Sharni sees very limited fun in a cat-fight and Danni was not smiling at the end.

Emma in bullying mode and Lexi more or less just takes it with a grimace.

Big in the Game Jane should never have shown her chin pre-fight in their boxing match to Chelsea ( right ), who took it upon herself to show Jane the error of her ways, immediately after.

' Aw no! I've lost again to that whippersnapper Sahara,' Layla ( right ) must be thinking. 

Sahara, dressed to kill,  takes it in her stride, gleefully. ( love the tiny skirtish thingamyjig Sahara's wearing ).

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