Wednesday, 1 June 2016

HAIR POOL 6 in Threes.

The BFUK rules keep the cat-fights almost sane though the fighting ladies do do wild things to hair.

Justice ( left ) is winning the tug-of-war by the look of it though Faith is still in with a shout of reversing the hairpull battle.

Justice had the better technique, putting her back and hips into the tug as Faith looks to have lost some ground.
Faith is struggling, Justice looks the more powerfu

The final tug results in a minor victory for Justice in the hair-pulling and she may also have shaded the stand-up fight though Faith claimed total victory in the end.

Sahara finds herself in a marathon fight with the inexperienced Justice, both building up a sweat before the end.

The casual one-handed grip was very necessary for two reasons, to put their bodies some distance from the stinging slaps and reddening skin, also to give the alternative hand a rest from gripping hair.

The left hand of Justice may well be pulling Sahara into slapping range of her right hand, she had a vicious wallop and Sahara was seen to wince on occasion at her power.

Justice showed remarkable stoicism in the face of all-out determination by the experienced Sahara to subdue the newbie.

The newbies, topless Seline ( Celiner ) and the not so topless Rio follow the tradition of a hair fight and Seline spent most of the match on her back as Rio pounded and pulled her ragged.

Under great pressure and torture she held on to reality by maintaining a stout hold on Rio by the hair.

A very sexy view of Selena for most of the match and believe it or not, her ability to turn the bout around at the last moment after a considerable beating says a lot for the near-naked lass.

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