Wednesday, 29 June 2016

HAIR POOL 7 - Carmen against Faith

I saw Carmen as a stepping-stone cat-fight for both Natalie and Faith to justify their eventual face-off. If they both beat Carmen the final was on. 

Natalie had by this time beaten Carmen twice - she was in the final though I began to think she was playing hide and seek with Faith ( I'm sure you appreciate that the time between fights drags, especially when the art of patience is thinly applied ).

Carmen wanted a hair fight and Faith happily stuck to Carmen's script and gave her a hair fight.

They were both into the depth of pecking order and the old forum posts was where their competitiveness started. Plus, I felt Faith had to beat Carmen to prove her worthiness to fight the best fighter around at the time: Natalie.

I felt and I'm convinced the girls knew the fans felt this fight was to be, for no ordinary purpose.

( Carmen was still dusting herself down from having lost to Natalie previously in a tough, hair-tug and slapping battle with emphasis on scalp-tingling.) 

She was up for a fight with Faith to perhaps taste the difference between Faith and Natalie as to how they fought and the fights rolled out along similar lines: Carmen seemed to be in her comfort zone but given Faith's penchant for rubbing her opponents the wrong way, an ill-wind could blow.

No thoughts about stripping to topless: they were contending seriously, Carmen to gauge and hoping to beat Faith: Faith to secure a victory and clear the way to get in the arena to challenge and fight Natalie.

The fight continued to flow much the same as Carmen's fight against Natalie and Faith gave as good as she got. Hard hair tugging and slaps exchanged, no doubt about the strength of Carmen, the battle could easily go her way if she pushed really hard, though against Faith she'd have to push extremely hard to get the submission. 

Could Carmen be extreme? Faith would have to push all her buttons to find out.

( If Carmen wins Natalie has already made it clear she will not fight Carmen a third time.)

A ding dong battle continued for three rounds where Carmen takes full advantage of Faith's longer hair.

The way they yanked each other about by the hair was bringing tears to my eyes, never mind theirs.

Carmen's undressed body is well made for camera shots while Faith is more modestly dressed and yet I believe that skimpy top of hers covered bare breasts.

From the time they first met at the fight location, I believe friction was gathering apace as their bitter struggle began and by the end, a legacy of hostility existed between them.

The third round climaxed with the take-down of Carmen but Faith had been seriously roughed-up by the attention Carmen had given to her hair. So she really messed up Carmen in the take-down.

Pressing home her advantage as she usually does, with victory in sight, she turned on the full screws and Carmen had no option but to submit.

Carmen was not gracious in defeat: she was annoyed; her dislike of Faith spread to the old forum: that she had much more respect for Natalie, in more or less her words, a much nicer and a more sporting opponent

I certainly agree with her, but while the nice sporting girl fights are common, the fights between women that are hotly contested where the language-heat and irritated temper is raised to max level,  when the fans are kept jumping foot to foot on the hotplate are less likely to happen but I certainly think, more popular when they do: and guess what? 

Carmen could not hold back, she posted her dislike of Faith and what had happened in their fight, on the old forum. Faith responded waspishly, and bad-taste banter was exchanged. Now enemies, one embittered Carmen and a superior-sounding Faith: the heat is surely on.

Could it be that the nastiness was invented by the girls and BFUK? 

Even if they generated bad-blood in their fight to get the attention of the fans, in this case, it looked and felt so natural but you'll already know the answer to that question.......... if you've seen their rematch.

Faith was surely impatient for her long-awaited fight against Natalie having beaten Carmen but frustratingly for her ( imo ) BFUK could see mileage in a rematch between Faith and Carmen ( clever BFUK! ).

So caught up in the hype about Faith qualifying to fight Natalie, I didn't mind the delay because I was eagerly looking forward to Faith's rematch with Carmen, now bitter enemies, both totally willing to fight again.

Carmen, a sexy ambassador for BFUK was a strong girl and I often thought she fought under her capabilities, therefore, was it a question of determination and would Faith be the target for an upgrade in Carmen because of the bad blood?

This rematch turned out a very popular fight, already characterised in this blog, when Faith departed from Carmen's script and applied her own stamp: heavily. 

The bonus for me was that these two scrapped willingly to topless which energized my mind no end to reproduce other imaginary fights via photo-shop and type.

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