Monday, 27 June 2016

Nude Fights - The Pioneer.

BFUK's preference to produce a simple, real catfight in any sort of clothing including topless ( more money obviously for the fighters ) but nude fights were not, in my opinion, a likely option for them. 

However, in the early days they were slightly more adventurous - surprise, surprise, ( for a change I'm glad where one girl bucks the trend ) a fight they produced that hit the mark exactly for one girl at least and a flurry of excitement for the fans.

Newbie Zoe is an attractive, young, petite lady, totally in her birthday suit, ( perky cute ) the only person ever, brash enough to appear nude in a catfight going in against an established cat-fighter, Nicola ( aka Crystalou ), who turned out... well....... almost nude. Oh yeah!

The fight was in earnest and had the hallmark of the BFUK cat-fight ( I felt Nicola was always a touch beyond what Zoe brought to the table ) and is very remarkable for, in retrospect, the only cat-fight where one brave lady fought nude at BFUK bringing her energetic best against Nicola.

The intimacy of a cat-fight between two women, one naked and the other almost naked, I would have thought to be more about sexual play, somewhat adrift of the BFUK model, and yet the fight which was produced many years ago, is not entirely out of place, given the current trend amongst other producers of real rules cat-fights fought naked. 

Maybe the cat-fight is just catching up on variety wrestling where sexual play is easier to apply. I hope not! Ahem! Let me think on that?

So, Zoe was a pioneer in the cat-fight industry at BFUK but she only appeared once and since then partial nudity has been standard practice.

Of course there are lots of fans who prefer the fights naked or topless and I'm in there somewhere.

The beauty of two naked women fighting until their hair is messed up and the skin is raw from slapping, as they near the end, gasping for breath, their faces close as one grinds her opponent down for the submission and they..............kiss! Familiar?

Never seen the lady-fighters kiss at BFUK but there's time yet.

Imagine the lighter weights division when Zoe could have added a new dimension to the Sahara/Lacey fights.........well, you never know where that could have ended. Certainly not Lacey nude but Sahara bravely has worn the skimpiest outfit down below and nothing up top - a great start.

That's the way I think and I can't accuse BFUK for lack of imagination, if the fighter is willing, they're willing - I could be the only bloke in the world with these outlandish thoughts. 

The precedent has been set at BFUK, the pioneer now disappeared with ' buck naked ' firmly stuck in the past but thanks to Zoe, still there to remind us of that memorable event.  

However, I do hope there is room at BFUK for a nude fight 2. Living in hope!!!!!

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