Monday, 6 June 2016

Boxing Gallery - Solo - Axa

The impact of Axa, barely dressed is sensational to the eye, add boxing gloves and my nerve endings scream for her to box another woman. Of course a boxing match is not the norm for most gorgeous women who tantalise and tease in boxing gloves.

Not enough though for Axa, she got into the boxing arena twice at BFUK shattering the poser myth.

She swapped body punches with the formidable Ruby and the luscious Emma.

Ruby scores a hard right into Axa's chest but she didn't get it all her own way, Axa was quicker on her feet and slammed Ruby with lots of good punches.

She lost to Ruby's strength and was too sharp for Emma but in the process she was always upbeat, competitive and full of energy.

Axa's speed and energy was too much for Emma.

She boosted her image on the old forum by getting involved to include her opponents knowing that was what the fans wanted, the fighting talk between the girls gave any future fights that rise to the dizzy height where the nerve endings jangle.

She had no compunction in diving into the boxing side of BFUK when it was mentioned on the old forum; if you wanted realistic, Axa was willing.

She is a whole lot of sexy woman, not overtly showing in her fights, more in posing for the camera. She didn't come across as loud and pushy, she certainly wasn't a bully, she seemed comfortably equal with her opponents and if she was the better fighter on the day, she retained a sporting respect for her opponents.

The mystery of why such a lovely lady became involved in cat-fights and boxing was perhaps to broaden her scope for the challenge ahead which, when she left BFUK took the form of wrestling, competitive and sexy, sometimes ending in the pornographic, ahem! So I'm told, but I do have the highest respect for the game, feisty, Axa.

All I know is the gorgeous Axa who was at BFUK posing, fighting and boxing, was prepared to engage her opponents physically in the fight arena and mentally on the old forum.

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