Sunday, 8 May 2016

Boxing Gallery - Solo - Faith


Faith joins in heartily employing her own brand of display to entertain her fans: the importance of her sexuality utilised frequently.

Just minutes prior to a cat-fight showdown with Natalie, Faith poses in boxing gloves, possibly thinking she has enough in her armoury to beat Natalie and I certainly agreed that she could, the seriousness of the battle in front of her, diffusing her sexual projection, she was so focused on her task. 

If you're imaginative, like me, Faith is calling out to Natalie in the wings ' C'mon then, box me,' but Faith, as she did with others, made no attempt to rile Natalie with taunts or insults, she knew she was the challenger, her opponent, a tough, top gun, had to be respected. 

As a cat with a mouse, if Faith had got the better of Natalie, she may well have played to the gallery, just a little: not to be, but close, as it turned out.

Faith is full-bodied and she did toy with the fans' minds, she engaged us on the old forum and added the sauciness to the excitement of cat-fighting. She is among the royals of BFUK as far as I'm concerned.

She became a force over her time, from a tough inaugural defeat in the beginning, posing for effect, also in boxing gloves, actually getting into a couple of boxing matches over and above her cat-fights, to a final defeat at the hands, and legs, of Natalie, which was, by no means, a disgrace. 

I'm sorry she wandered off and is no longer likely to appear though I'm not giving up entirely - she may return. Her last posts on the old forum mentioned her body had been allergic to latex, so she couldn't cat-fight. Hmmm! I can only imagine what goes on in that young lady's life.

The incongruousness of the woman's body, topless, with fists at the ready, was proof she wanted to fight for her place to entertain the cat-fight fans: she did it with panache, with you in mind.

I'm a sexy woman wearing boxing gloves, she projects. Her back to the wall is somewhat submissive so she might fool an opponent into thinking positively.

Photo-shopped bruised but victorious after a hard boxing match or a cat-fight though I see her defeated too, but no matter, she always rang my bell loudly at BFUK.

Topless in boxing gloves alone, is enough to sexualize the womanly confrontation, keep it up BFUK and give Faith a tinkle, you never know.

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