Tuesday, 17 May 2016


To me a good cat-fight is where the girls fight each other for prime position, a reversal of the mount is exciting because I can read a girl when she works the hair and targets the slaps.

When her time on top is as busy as she can make it and what she does from underneath is just as important to me. If she lies and takes it - boring!

Sophia versus Vivian was just such a fight. Fast and furious with turnovers, a delightful appreciation of two solid, lovely women going at each other, matching strength. 

Pictorially you might have chosen Vivian to out-muscle Sophia. Not the case. Evenly matched and the ground battle continuous.

They worked each other over when their efforts to gain the mount were successful and energetically looked for ways to dislodge her opponent. 

The photographer takes full advantage of a Sophia rendered deshabille as she is hard at work from underneath.

The skin tone contrast created a splendid clash which, along with their battling efforts made it an amazing outdoor war between two amazing ladies.

Sophia's expression looks as if she might be defeated, especially when Vivian has brought out her guns to join in the affray. Don't you believe it, another turnover was to happen.

In the initial stages Emma was too strong for Natalie and had her on her back before the shirts came off. Her slaps are thunderous putting Natalie in a tough spot.

Natalie has good fighting instincts and managed to turn the stronger Emma, finding the prime position for herself, laying on the slaps and a vicious hair hold.

Getting in sexy mode topless and stockings Emma, comfortably astride Natalie shows who is prime but a half-naked Natalie fights hard from underneath Emma's weight.

The reddened legs and bodies have suffered, as has their hair and there is Natalie, again in prime position on top of a fighting but, by now, a losing Emma.

Being an alpha female, Electra would just hate to be anywhere but in the prime position and the lovely Ria had little choice.

The pics, no matter how sexy, tell you nothing about how Ria feels in the hands of Electra who has no intention of giving a struggling Ria any advantage.

This was only Ria's second fight and though she was a fair match in stature she just couldn't match Electra's determination and strength.

Ria gamely put herself all the way and lasted the three rounds and while I enjoyed both girls efforts in the fight arena, Ria certainly didn't and she decided not to return. 

Electra is the prime amazon and was never beaten.

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