Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Natalie is in prime position to wreak revenge on top of Axa, and the clenched hand is determined to keep Axa's head as still as the duvet allows, while the right hand searches to body slap. 

From below Axa does her best to manipulate Natalie's head and launches brutal slaps on her back and ribs.

A similar situation with Ali on her back and Helen, a rookie, a real battler and perhaps not so experienced. Maybe Ali's grip was hurting her scalp as her instinct is to hold Ali's arm to somehow ease the pain. 

Helen wasn't so experienced but she finally got the submission from little Ali, so it's not all about the hair and slaps but what goes into three rounds sharing the lot.

A bit of a stalemate for Chelsea and Natalie on the floor, the slapping was mostly reserved for the stand-up parts of the fight. 

All sensational, with Natalie stoically accepting the pain of hardcore especially when she triggered harsh treatment from Chelsea by fighting back and not giving until she'd given her all.

Hair pulling comes in all different ways and I suspect it's the beginning of a turnover between Becca and Kelly. Evenly matched and a delight to watch them turn each other frequently, ground grappling and slapping.

Cassie ( left ) and Emma pulled and tugged each others' hair for a long time. Neither had long hair but they must have lost some hair between them. It seemed neither wanted to give up tormenting each others hair as the trudge around the mat went on and on.

Emma did enlighten us on the old forum that it was expensive to thicken up lost hair at the hairdresser after that fight. I'm in no doubts about that, just watching what they did to each other.

Their fight was all about payback when they got their chance and Emma is looking to extract wisps of hair from Cassie's scalp in the above photo - that's her payback face. What a hot, nasty fight. Sheesh!

When I see the bare floor and no coverings I know it's mostly a stand-up fight in which Sahara excels though the newbie blonde Portia took Sahara all the way to a draw.

It's different and the hair pull is often used as a lever to gain access to the body for slaps. 

Sahara has become quite expert in this mode of fighting and I find it exciting, as I do the fighters.

Sahara was at a low ebb in the third round when Portia caught her in the above position, both hands in Sahara's hair.

Sahara's face reflects her difficulty - of course she recovered, angrily- and even I was beginning to fret.

They are possibly having a break trying to figure out the next move but always the hands are in the hair exerting pressure, terrified they lose a chance to get the upper hand. 

A superb back and forth battle which I hope can be repeated in a rematch. BFUK?

Not that she got it all her own way, this was a slog of a fight but Natalie clearly shows the advantage of hair pull leverage, exposing Carmen's back for a heavy slap, or was it two? Ouch! I think Carmen would try to avoid the second. Don't you?

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