Thursday, 4 February 2016

Notable Newbie Fight.


Two women getting into a rules cat-fight, fully dressed or rather, wearing slacks, a top and a raincoat does very little for me: I certainly wouldn't buy the video though that may be niche for some fans.

So Mia ( left ), a maturish young lady with a sultry look, at times, and a good ( inviting comment ) figure was up against the taller Alexsa, younger with a pretty, feline face and an equally good figure, started in two piece outfits just to display how exciting they looked and it began in good humour. 

All-newbie fights are IMO fascinating because you don't know what to expect other than how they look and these two look  scrumptious.

Alexsa did give a spirited fight, their strengths similar, so the to and fro was frequent and the duvet took a hiding from gorgeous bods.

  1. It never turned nasty but dialing up the content was Mia ( the older ladies often set a tougher pace ), she looked the more determined fighter. 

Mia,pushing Alexsa to new heights and she held her own for long enough dishing out as good as she received but I gradually sensed Mia wanted the win, more. 

And that escalation continued, when Mia took off her top in the last round to come out on top of a wilting Alexsa. One up for that topless stat again.

Both had naturally long hair so the bed battle was very much gripping the hair and using the small space economically for the turn and toss. There was also considerable slapping when they could use the hand in sync with the hairpull.

These two ladies, not without injury, lasted just the one fight and never returned. 

Though the old forum buzzed with excitement over them and their fight and of course while the ladies don't have to be models or movie stars, Mia and Alexsa were, on that day, both impressively as attractive as models and movie stars IMO and they sure could mix it in a rules fight. 

Score: Just the last round ( with Mia topless ) and the submission by Alexsa that separated these two beauties. A delightful and energetic catfight.