Sunday, 14 February 2016

Notable Fights


A cat-fight that seared the boundaries of my prominent fight list, although it happened years ago, but I enjoy cat-fights and most especially the women who get involved: for me Ruby and Ashleigh are not easily forgotten. 

Moreso Ruby, because Ashleigh was a one-of fighter, while I'd kind of got to know Ruby's character over her strip-off and fight time at BFUK and believe you me, Ruby is looking for a brawl when she fights.  

So Ruby ( right ) was involved and she had already fired-up my imagination, several times: never one to endanger the true dynamic of a BFuk rules cat-fight with any fudging of reality, whatsoever. 

Note the hair falling free and loose on both girls, a fairly sure sign of a hair-pull match. The blonde versus the redhead. What more do you need? Yes you could say..... topless! I would totally agree.

So what could the newbie Ashleigh expect? I doubt if she knows what she's up against?

Ashleigh is a looker with a lovely figure, a good match-up body-wise but on paper I didn't give her any chance of taking the spoils against a tough, experienced Ruby, who most definitely only fights to win from the word ' go.'

As always Ruby dramatically imposed herself on the apparent innocence of a newbie, Ashleigh, bullied into reacting. Ruby was setting her own high, tough standards immediately, and the newbie knew the risk Ruby posed her, very quickly.

Wow! Ashleigh did cotton on, even emulated Ruby's moves but the more she tried, Ruby just set the bar higher. That's a lovely throw from Ruby ( above ) keeping the pressure on Ashleigh's rising confidence. Methinks though, Ashleigh is up for the very brawl Ruby wants.

Tit for tat, slap for slap, and always controlling the head by the hair, the exchanges exciting to watch.

I'm sure they've now forgotten the camera, intent on each other's moves but it's mainly Ruby initiating while Ashleigh responds  eagerly, to look for payback. 

Its almost an even fight now but Ruby is slightly ahead on points according to me.

Ruby asked the question and Ashleigh answered, not letting Ruby off at all but she had to use considerable strength, with a lot of battling courage and tenacity to do so, which does sap her strength.

The fight carries on, tumbling off the safety of the mattress but their minds are only on grasping hair, slapping and grappling, Ruby fighting from below Ashleigh determinedly looking for more and more payback.

Before Ruby's stamina outlasted a game Ashleigh, one piece of tit for tat sticks in my mind, when Ruby is able to get several belly slaps on Ashleigh, she bides her time and sure enough, emulated that move soon after, on Ruby.

Ruby's rough and tumble is exhilarating to watch, especially when her opponent rises to the challenge.

I don't remember seeing Ruby fight when this wasn't the case and with a game Ashleigh, no exception. 

I'll leave you with a couple of pics of Ashleigh because she didn't return after fighting Ruby. She would have been a big hit at BFuk because she did what not all newbie's can do, toughing it and fighting back. 

It's all over, Ashleigh down and finished, a marvellous loss to the one and only, Ruby.

A rematch would have been a blockbuster - not to be.

Both fighters were constantly looking for a reversal, the shifts and turnovers frequent.

Ruby's aggression had got her into another great fight where the plucky Ashleigh rose to the challenge and she wasn't far from a newbie victory. 

It's all about stamina in the end, I guess but two words - ' I give ' - nails it for Ruby.

A super fight when I'd have been happy to see a draw result but for the submission.

Score: Ruby by the extra point in this war, simply for her aggression.

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