Thursday, 21 January 2016

Miscellaneous Asides

Natalie rues the loss of hair in that magic tussle against Emma but was it worth it?  

Just another day at the office for Natalie but she had to pay the price.

Maybe a ragged nail in her destruction of Melicious but I'm not surprised, she laid into Melicious with solid slaps.

She's got to exhale sometime: you think?

Our one and only Sahara treats the camera to a big lovely smile. 

Shouldn't close your eyes champ there maybe a KO punch coming. Wouldn't want you caught dreaming.

Mandy is caught in surprise ' What do you mean you want to see a knock-out. Am I not enough?'

For me, you certainly are Mandy. I scoff at the word mature attributed to you: you're half my age.

Training is not required for BFuk's catfighters but I'm genuinely surprised when they pose for pics. 

Layla poses her lovely lines as if born to it. 

Ain't she sweet.

Then there's Faith who gets raunchy down on the farm, looking to knock your eyes out.

She once recommended on the old forum I start a blog and that certainly came true.

After her fight against Natalie, she disappeared from view altogether but I still have a lingering hope she will return one day.

BFuk needs her input.... and output.

Wales gave us Kelly, the girl next door. ( Wish I'd had her as a neighbour. )

She fought her heart out the best she could and provided us with entertainment while she suffered the bumps, bruises and slapping though her opponents suffered too.

She's taking a well-earned guzzle when she fought her latest fight against Layla and did it topless.

I sure hope it's not your last fight Kelly and I've got to give ' thumbs up ' for your efforts and fighting topless, suits you ( and me ) so well.

Lacey never fought topless, so while she relaxes after her fight I will congratulate her for having the guts to return to BFuk for that wonderful battle, leaving the rigours of her life outside of catfighting to tend to a long-delayed cat-fight against her arch-enemy Sahara. 

( Arch-enemy is my thought entirely, though you'd think it, the way they fought ).

Aaaaw! Lovely Ceecee's caught in a reflective pose, perhaps dreaming of not being there, because she's about to face a nightmare called Electra the Invincible. She did put up a great fight though.

' Where am I? ' says Kitkat after Sahara put her through the wringer.

But I took a liking to this cute atom-weight, she and Lacey were friends and the perfect atom-weight tag team ( in my head ).

So many thoughts that cram the mind not likely to happen.......yet!

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