Thursday, 21 January 2016

Focus on the Ladies: Dangerous Danni

Of course Danni isn't really dangerous but if her opponent wants to have a slapping match, Danni is a touch dangerous because she is ' quite the fearless slapper.'

Danni and Titch were very attractive newcomers to BFuk and being so attractive I couldn't favour one against the other as far as winning the fight.

I honestly wasn't quite convinced about my addiction to  cat-fights then but these two newbies hit the jackpot for me. They followed the BFuk rules, both with dogged determination, literally laying into each other, to a standstill.

Apart from one or two hiccups during the fight I was amazed at how wickedly they tried to out-slap each other:  just sheer naked aggression, though during the fight Danni looked a little concerned about Titch who was, at times, on automatic and at the end had somehow lost a real nail from her finger.

Because of this fight I became a completely hooked BFuk cat-fight fan.

A rematch was promised but Titch ( sadly ) never returned though Danni, who got the submission in their fight, thankfully, did.

Then Sharni happened and smartly put Danni's first fight into perspective. Sharni ragged Danni rotten, without mercy.

Danni took a cat-fight beating though she tried hard to fight back but to me, it was a almost a beatdown.

Sharni started with willpower and finished positively, using her strength to outdo anything Danni attempted to return and while it wasn't a total beat-down, when a girl's got purpose on her mind Sharni stuck out like a sore thumb and she was cute with it. Reputedly Becca's sister, Sharni did not return to BFuk.

So, going into her third fight against Kelly, while Danni is eye-candy highest level, her fighting capability has been diluted after her head to head with newbie Sharni.

You've got to admit this young lady is gorgeous, so much so that she inspired BFuk to open a personal group at Yahoo for her.

Danni and Kelly fought their own fight but Kelly's experience shone through.

Danni pushed Kelly hard but the writing was on the wall and Kelly triumphed. I'm being sexist but you can see why it was sexy.

A much anticipated fight was to follow, the long established bitchfighter and sister of Sharni was Danni's next opponent, Becca.

The big question!!

Was Danni bitch enough to put Becca down after the beat-down she'd suffered at the capable hands of her sister Sharni? Revenge would surely be sweet.

Featuring at the Catfight Britain site, some of the ' revenge thought ' was reduced for me when they turned out in school gear for the fight, attractive as both girls are, I could only see Danni beating down Becca and they'd have very little on in the way of dress if I'd had my way.

This pic did carry more information, both girls look serious enough and Danni has bunched her fist. ( Can't you see that I'm about to reach the top of Mt. Everest - Buzz Buzz )

They are actually fairly evenly matched, as I thought, and it's a ding dong battle.

Not a lot to separate the girls by the end of the second round but no sign of Danni giving Becca a beat-down.

The killer touch happens in the third round when Becca bared her boobs and gradually she got the better of Danni, who submitted.

Not a beatdown at all but they fought a level playing field and Becca triumphed boosted by her bared doubt.

Another Catfight Britain feature listed as Danny v Faith was mostly a ground-fight in the blankets with Danni giving Faith some tough moments.

( Faith always inspires her opponents somehow, to fight tougher. )

Danni digs hard for one of her better moments on top of Faith, but in this very sexy fight Faith is too much for Danni.

The cat-fight is in two parts.

Out of the blue, almost three years later, her Yahoo group now defunct, Danni returns, to cat-fight Layla who is also looking for wins. Tough call, though I favoured Layla to win.

However, a turnup for the books, they fought on a hard floor, so it was right up my alley: a stand-up hair-pull and slap fight and when I think back to Danni's give and take slaps in her very first fight against Titch, maybe it's Danni's day.

And it was, Danni stormed aggressively ahead of Layla in the slapping and hair-pull to bring off a good solid victory. Layla just couldn't or wouldn't match Danni.

Not just that but she repeated the victory in their rematch, again out-slapping Layla, but they looked sensational as they fought it out.

At 5'2" lying down or standing up, Danni is a lovely treat and to have graced the pages of the BFuk story with her beauty and bravery has been an absolute joy and I do hope Danni suddenly turns up again. In the above pic, do you think she looks a little bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas of Wales? Anyway, come back Welsh Danni.

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