Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thirteenth Boxing Gallery.

Most of the girls at BFuk were happy to pose in boxing gloves, not so many wanted to have a boxing match

An exception ( because she is exceptional ) is Natalie, the photos of her litter the internet including boxing glove pics. Her boxing match was against a tough lady, Daisy who was crowned queen at BFuk when Nat was a teenager.

Her move-look could be taken for the Muay Thai pre-fight dance - on the duvet!

Sasha, after her cat-fight against Kelly was definitely a catch for BFuk. She wasn't a tough girl, she did submit to Kelly but surely you can see why she needed to spend more time improving her cat-fight skills in our view - such a beauty in the beegees - but she decided to move on.

One of the boxing sisters, Lilly, in the white team at the outdoor team event and she showed she was no slouch at the cat-fight winning her fight, then same day to box her sister Milly, in not just an exhibition bout but a highly competitive, tough bout.

Lilly beat her topless sister with a touch of mauling by both, between the blows, just to set up the wicked punch.

Sahara has never used the boxing gloves in anger at BFuk but plenty pics of her topless and in tops to drool over. I read her posts on FB and she is, I think, ready to use the beegees for real. BFuk please note.

Kelly's in the field posing in boxing gloves at the time she had a cat-fight against Becca, who also posed in beegees; now why couldn't they have had two minutes boxing just before the fight? Just saying!

Paige didn't stay around long enough for me to fully appreciate her, though she did wear the beegees but that simply reminds me how quick I jumped on her fan wagon only to jump off again, soon after.

Pussycat, having had only one cat-fight at BFuk would IMO have been very tough to beat, she had an extensive capacity of stamina and what looked like a high pain tolerance, that would have beaten most of our cat-fighters given her cat-fight against Scorpio.

She would have enhanced BFuk's standings alongside the catfight producers had she continued fighting but she was a one-of.

The lens don't lie - she's a dream and she's ready to take on her sister in a boxing match. Lilly is a sight for sore eyes and she and her sister Milly, went at each other with an adrenaline boost I could hardly believe.

I would love to see Mandi back at BFuk, her three cat-fights certainly boosted my adrenaline. She's a wicked slapper.

Danni in beegees burns out my mind, her slapping action was pretty good so she could have been a natural boxer with a bit of improvement in defence but she appeared not to have had an inclination to box, and rightly so, a girl needs to keep her looks.

I'd be more than happy if she returns and gets into another cat-fight.

Love to see little Kitkat appear at BFuk again though boxing is not on her resume. The beegees are huge on her small frame and if she can lift them, not much will get through a good defence.


I think Danny would have a very heavy wallop and she is aggressive, a good combination for a boxer.
Her abs look good to take punishment but it
would take an opponent
with much courage to attempt that.

Speaking of heavy wallops, once she got the hang of it ( within 30 seconds ) Chelseab made Jane into a bit of a punching bag in her boxing debut at BFuk. And doesn't she suit them!

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