Thursday, 24 December 2015

Many a Slip 2

Carmen spills out her gems taking a mount on Melicious who responds with a head butt or could it be a bite attack? That would surely be a rules infringement by Melicious.

Deep down Carmen's got her covered.

Slapped out off her sexy underwear, Jade keeps hold of Ruby's hair as the pressure from Ruby mounts furiously to get the submission.

Kelly is exposed by the Pocket Rocket who was too hot to handle on the day.

Kelly was up against it and we can see the ammunition Emma can produce to make it count.

Carmen's huge effort against Barbie is just too much to maintain decorum - fast and furious flop time.

Kelly gets in another slap to Carmen before she covers up. Her skimpy outfit was better off: altogether.

Kelly is effectively blocking out her face but we recognise who she ( they ) is ( are ).

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