Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Electrifying E.L.E.C.T.R.A.

Don't let the flashing eyes and the coquettish smile fool you, Electra is made up of all that's desirable in a woman but she chose her name carefully, the aura that surrounds this lady on the battleground is her electric intensity to ' fight to win.'

A whole lotta woman goin on: plenty curves but obviously fit and strong. Pretty soon it became obvious after her first couple of fights there just wasn't the depth in BFuk's fighters to single out a lady willing to take this no-nonsense fighter on, other than Chelseab but apparently the two were friends so that appeared to be a no no.

Electra kicked off against cheeky Cassie, as you can see above while being held down, Cassie gave out cheeky banter which Electra tolerated, adding some herself.

Electra was there to fight so she made several moves uncontested on Cassie and the banter kept coming out of Cassie's mouth.

At the end of the day Cassie did everything she could to get away from Electra who persisted to the end to make Cassie submit which she did in the form of banter. Cassie admitted Electra was way above her capability.

A magnificent BFuk champion in the making?.

A newbie called Sam was given the chance to fight Electra and many fans took to her straight away ( you can see why ) believing perhaps, Electra's days were numbered.

And would you believe it, Sam started with every intention of making Electra fight : I was boggle - eyed as I'm sure other BFuk fans  must have been hollering, not to see Electra beaten but for a worthy challenger.

Surely Electra realised there was big fight in Sam but as the fight wore on Electra's fitness and tactics, not only that, but her concentrated energy, were always in play and the hair-pulling was right into the scalp. Electra warned officially for the flat-fist thump. These ladies had beautiful heads of hair but Sam must have lost more than Electra, as well as losing the fight, her bravery cited on the old forum.

Sam was a worthy challenger, in one fell swoop to meet a dangerous Electra was a baptism for which very few rookies would volunteer.

A champion's purposeful stride?

Ria was a physical match for Electra, both had been blooded in, but when they boxed and had a catfight Electra's intensity carried the day.

Not that Ria didn't fight back, she did but without enough success to encourage her further, Electra's intensity made sure of that.

Electra could toss the hair and flash the smile in a sexy pose with the best of them and she did get the best of those who dared to stand against her.

The first challenge from Ceecee, another newbie with previous experience in the fight game was a nail-biter, Electra's lip already bleeding but after three rounds the strength of Electra carried the day. In all ways comparable to Electra, had Ceecee learned from this fight?

Because BFuk put up the trophy for a rematch between Ceecee and Electra at the barn. And it created a rumpus with an argument between the fighters over their hair, Ceecee's greased up and Electra's tied back..

Ceecee did start with confidence but again Electra powered her way stubbornly, breaking Ceecee's spirit again to take the title and deservedly so. A fantastic topless fight between two superb fighting ladies.

Possibly bored through lack of opponents and looking for a fight, Electra dared Natalie on the forum to fight her. I remember I was almost hysterical and silently hoped Natalie would say no.

And she did without reservation, citing the result was predictable and what was the point of her being beaten up. How did knucklehead me feel about that: after I'd calmed down - slightly disappointed. Natalie hadn't tested herself against Electra: not many fans retain common sense when it comes to a girlfight.

The BFuk rules, slim as they are, if Electra met a fighter of the same calibre as she, I doubt that fight would ever have been available to the general public though I reckon the officials would have had to break it up pretty quick.
All hail the champion, Electra, it's unlikely we'll see you again but ' oh boy ' you created a mini sunami while you were at BFuk.

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