Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Lovely Layla

I have called the lovely Layla a pin-up girl and many guys ( and her fans ) could keep a pic of her in their lockers, just for inspiraton.

Her fights produced by Catfight Britain when she first appeared, involved a touch of very feminine fight club, the location being a lounge and she had stiff competition, not just in the fights but Sahara and Sofia, were two equally sexy opponents and these three definitely seemed to enjoy competitive fights and rematches with each other in skimpy underwear.

BFuk have often produced the filling but they did wrap-around the filling when Layla and Sophia started the argument in the kitchen.

Then walked into the lounge to fight. Sexy drama indeed and Layla took the initiative in this fight to make Sofia submit.

Sahara, of course, overshadowed both her opponents though Layla and Sophia put up stout resistance when they fought but little Sahara was always prepared to go the extra.

One incident sticks with me, in their second fight Layla laughingly raised her fists to Sahara at the start. ( Hairs on the arms standing to attention!)

Just over a year later lovely Layla delights her fans when she agrees to fight Lacey.

Layla was an unwitting lynchpin in my scheming mind when this fight was announced; Lacey had to beat Layla if there was to be this mind-twisting ultimate face-off between Lacey and Sahara.

How it builds beyond realistic is simple, just possess an over-active imagination.

Layla produced the goods against Lacey. She recovered from the intial lightning strike and fought Lacey tooth and nail, giving as good as she got but Lacey, always the aggressor, made Layla pay for her robust resistance.

A fight I thought tougher than Layla's encounters with Sahara, possibly because Lacey was the new kid on the block, not known to her, so Layla IMO upped her game and I have to say, during that fight, Layla looked impressive and the outcome uncertain for a time.

Layla took on Kelly over two fights when Kelly decided to fight topless discovered only when they'd pulled the shirts off each others backs and in my stats book Layla had to go down but she earned a draw in the first encounter. 

Layla did submit in the second fight, again with Kelly splendidly topless but both fights were very enthusiastic struggles with plenty slapping and they do fight........ so sexy.

Two fights followed against the lovely Danni and both girls dazzled in their outfits but the fight took place on a hard floor, so they slapped each other while pulling hair in a stand-up and Danni seemed more comfortable being aggressive, while Layla stayed on the defensive.

Danni was too much for Layla in both fights. she forced Layla to the floor for the surrender.

Layla endured another slap fight against a topless Mandy, again on the hard floor, so going to ground was unlikely; in fact both held onto the hair a lot, banging in the slaps.

Layla responded to Mandy's hard slaps and dealt out heavy slaps herself but having seen Mandy take part in some of the toughest slapping fights at BFuk, Layla didn't have the answer. Mandy fought topless and you know what that means.

We're up to date as Layla is called on again to face Sahara in the latest BFuk production, this time on the hard floor. I really don't think Layla's heart is in this type of fight, it was a hair hold and slap affair in which Sahara does excel now but at times she was laying into a reluctantly defensive Layla who was taking a beating.

Respect to Sahara who didn't give up on the onslought, with only a measured but weakening response from our lovely pin-up gal. They've fought three times now and the only difference between the first two fights and the latest is that Sahara was topless. Hmmm!!

Layla is indeed a gorgeous lady, she wasn't one for promoting herself either on the old forum or on FB so my inkling as to her character is missed which has resulted in a drier account from me.

She projects herself naturally photo-wise and I often let out that involuntary gasp at first viewing her beauty.

BFuk makes the most of Layla because she is a gorgeous 'poster girl' for cat-fighting.

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