Saturday, 11 July 2015

Focus on the Ladies - Awesome Axa

 From the moment she arrived at BFuk, I could see she was fully committed in her cat-fights, her posed pics a delight and her first two fights against the experienced Natalie kept BFuk on the boil.

Blonde, attractive and very sexy, clearly street-wise and confident she had me lapping up every post on the old forum she published and if sexual banter cropped up, she didn't avoid it, in fact, she ramped it up in her replies.

Her fight against Jamielee was a corker; I might have expected Jamielee to win this fight but the tenacity and stamina of Axa edged out the determined Jamielee ( from the face-off I got the impression there was a personality clash ) and though I admit I was surprised at the result it was a fight well worth the dough.

You might ask ' Why all these boxing pics. ' Because Axa boxed twice at Bfuk, besides, I love them. Not just that but to box topless against Emma and to willingly go in against Ruby who'd admitted to having some experience at boxing, put this lady at the top of my BFuk boxing league. She had pezaz, she had unbridled energy and seemed to have that passion for performing to her utmost.

Becca was challenged for her smaller ladies trophy by Axa and in so doing escalated the tension on the old forum with the apt posts. 

These two are sexy ladies in their own ways so the fight had to be good and sexy. It was but the weight was on Axa's side and Becca had to relinquish her trophy.

What got me at the time was that Axa said she weighed around 136 lbs., around a stone heavier than Becca but it wasn't that, I knew Natalie weighed just under 140 lbs., so I reckoned she should get a crack at Axa for the smaller ladies trophy. I published this on the forum in the hope that my favourite might get her hands on a much deserved trophy if she beat Axa, having already beaten her twice.

I'm not surprised it didn't happen because it was my churlishness then and shows how serious it got to me. I'm laughing now.

This demure, coy pic demo's how she can easily arouse female boxing lovers and those who just love the look of a very sexy woman.

A figure and face easy to model, she knows she can keep her many fans panting; this is what I call foreplay heading towards the cat-fight.

A posed pic with Lacey sets the tone for their catfight, a thrilling bitchfight in which Lacey was the bitch hammering away at Axa. Axa tried the casual approach which Lacey wasn't having by throwing Axa to the deck by the hair. Axa took the initiative, removed her top and Lacey, hypnotised, went downhill to a submission.

She may well feel at home as a pole dancer but what separates her from the rest who do, is her willingness not just to put her body alongside another woman but to commit herself to fight that woman.

Axa had one long outdoor fight against a newbie called Angelica and she wore an outfit bought by a sponsor. Sexy as the outfit was, her breasts had to be pushed back in a few times during their cat-fight. 

I felt that they had just stopped the car at a a convenient place, hopped over a fence, the two girls stripped down and grappled and slapped with girly noises. Sensually pleasing.

She had a number of other cat-fights before moving on, a lively contest outclassing the well endowed Hannah and in a very sexy tumble with the gorgeous and eventually topless Chelsea French who wasn't in Axa's fight class but the very versatile Axa played it straight-laced and straight-faced to dominate.

A truly energetic, willing and able, gorgeous woman who plunged herself into earnest volatile cat-fighting and boxing to further her career and I'd love this lady to return to BFuk though sadly, I'm aware she has maybe outgrown that phase in her busy life.

She is gorgeous, don't you think! It's all about personality and Axa stayed around long enough for me to develop her flavour and to savour and slaver over every fight she fought.

She moved on a long time ago but I'm happy to say she performs elsewhere on the net in a variety of endeavours so I'll just mention she has learned to wrestle with proficiency.

I wish she'd cat-fight again though that is probably the toughest discipline of the lot, so she's probably pleased to emerge from that style of fighting at BFuk with flying colours, to get where she is today.

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