Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Prominent Fights.Part One.


I'm a fan of fight tension between two women as they wind up to fight, in fact the different personalities well-aired before the actual fight, racks up some tension. 

The word prominent does not necessarily fall into the category of brute force and strength fights but the likes of Sahara and Natalie to name but two, have developed their strategies over time and their successes have come about simply because they have learned their trade, ( considering most ladies who appear to cat-fight don't stay around past one or two fights ) which to me is simply fantastic.

Athough BitchfighUK rules are few, straying slightly outside the  rules is generally accepted. I remember only one public warning given by Simone during a fight, for heel of hand punching but there were discussions on the old forum over other incidents where a formal adjudication was made by BFuk, and in one instance BFuk bowed to fan pressure as to a result: on reflection, I think, rather than BFuk reversing a decision the girls should have had a rematch, rather than ' grey area rulings 'or ' fan pressure ' clouding the issue.

Many of the prominent fights at BFUK had a measure of controversy, so it just goes to show that when so much is at stake for those who take part, they definitely wanted the win and were prepared to be controversial in order to stake that claim.

I can recall only one fight involving Faith where the tension was rocketed into orbit only to have her opponent fail to appear, though BFuk probably experienced a few more ' no shows ' than we know about.

On the plus side a mega example of extreme tension and nervous lip-licking anticipation was the highly-praised Emma v Cassie which took the form of the old storyline catfight, in essence, beginning with the cat-calling and insults flung about on the forum, having seen plenty pics in all sorts of poses allowing the viewer a pre-fight personal perception build-up, resulting in a tremendous cat-fight on tape, albeit in two parts, the third and finishing video being the additional naked verbal animosity between a sullen, angry Emma and a cheeky Cassie with Simone refereeing their spat as she had done throughout their battle.

Above. The start of Cassie's great escape. 


Sexy Emma walked off at the end leaving the matter...incomplete. 

Simone had announced a draw though I guess many fans had their own opinions about that but I didn't let the result cloud my judgement, it merely whetted my appetite for a rematch: which never happened.

Score: Arguably, first round favoured Emma, second round narrowly to Emma and the third round to Cassie.

BFuk had to suffer obstacles and hiccups frequently, which I'm sure was frustrating for them and ended inevitably in disappointment for the fans. Thankfully, not too often, when BFuk had a list of superbly qualified hot-shot fighters game enough to frequently return to put the smile back on my face.

 Another high point on BFuk's graph was Electra and her fights against Ceecee, their second fight for the trophy was huge on the forum, arguing whether the hair should be loose at the start of the fight, in fact they brought the argument up during the fight stating their case to BFuk and the fans. 


Entering the arena to cat-fight, what a marvelous sight, Electra's hair was tightly braided and Ceecee does not have such long hair anyway but Electra after the start of the fight, complained that Ceecee's hair was slippery and she couldn't get a tight grip while Ceecee counter-complained that Electra's hair was tied up.

You get the picture - nipplesizing....flying fur...miaoooooow!

Electra's complaint fell on stony ground but she stonily surmounted her problem and overcame Ceecee eventually in a superb trophy topless fight involving two awesome ladies.

Score: All three close rounds to Electra.

You can clearly see why winning meant so much to Electra.


My peronal favourite was Faith ( left ) versus Natalie because time and circumstances made their finale and for one or the other to declare herself the better woman.

A long time in coming but as they hadn't retired I knew it had to happen. Natalie, over and above well qualified and Faith had fought her way to this final and during the fight surprised me and no doubt Natalie with her tactics.

After Natalie had given Faith a rough time in the stand-up with good exchanges from both, this magnificent take-down by Faith started the ground war in which both excelled but the wear-down tactics by Natalie certainly seemed to confuse and weaken Faith, the severe leg scissors and back slapping getting the submission.

First round to Natalie, second narrowly to Faith, third round even until submission by Faith.

Natalie's strategy won the day and rematch thoughts were gusted away on the forum. I'm in the huff.

Again controversial, even moreso in this fight because Natalie won the fight with a surprise wrestling move to which Faith had no answer. 

Certainly outside BFuk's box, and they made no comment though Natalie certainly slapped Faith as she squeezed her ribs hard, which IMO maintained the catfight discipline.

The door is now open for any wrestling holds. Too date, Carmen is the only one to use leg scissors successfully: against Sapphire in their first cat-fight but later that day they had another cat-fight after their boxing match when Sapphire refused to fall into the leg scissors trap which resulted in a win for Sapphire.

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