Thursday, 21 May 2015

Focus on the Ladies. Sensational Sahara

A desert is dry and relentless; forget the dry, we'll stick with relentless which is what our current Queen Sahara is when she gets in a fight at Bitchfightuk.

Not a pick on her, fit as a flea, her stamina legend but when you see this champion stripped down her curves are all in the right places and she's not afraid to show how centrefold she looks.

A shade over five feet tall this lady has been around for a long time in cat-fight terms, has never appeared to flinch from a challenge and is happy to call another girl out to fight, which she frequently did on the old forum.

Like other leading ladies at BFuk Sahara had to get over a rocky start; after her first win she took on topless Stella ( called Faith in the download ) and succumbed after a hard fight but Stella was a really tough cookie who I could have entertained a lot more. She didn't return.

The drift I got back then was that Sahara was a fitness fanatic, sporty, into cycling which is borne out each time she appeared on video for a fight, sexily petite and yet hard-bellied-hot and sinewy with that extra ingredient needed, which she has plenty of, stamina.

Sahara is extremely personable with a dash of mischief, a cutely pretty face with lots of telling expression. This superb little lady likes to fight, to get in a scrap to win, even against ladies bigger than her, her experience steps in, her hair-pulling for advantage and her ability to contain and smother an opponent, amazing.

In her initial fights she wasn't into slapping her opponent much but over time her slapping increased until her three-way fights against Mandy and Portia which were significantly slapfests of the first order, when she participated fully in that aspect and I was personally gobsmacked by the three girls involved.

Taking a step back, the marathon cat-fight between Sahara and Justice was a highlight of her fights and I was glued to the screen watching the toing and froing of these cute girls trying to get the better of one another.

Presumptuous of me, but I reckon Justice slapped Sahara so hard once she found her launch-pad that I suspect Sahara had to respond realising that Justice had found equality with her in the other aspects of the BFuk rules.

Watching them get it on and sweating it up was a real turn-on, slogging and slugging their way to a finish, keeping my full attention in case one girl might teeter and be decked.

Justice had a weight advantage but Sahara dealt with that differential with her stamina and absolute refusal to be dominated. A classic BFuk match for me.

She had a gorgeous fight against straw-weight Kitkat, a cute little lass who demonstrated that she had a few surprises for Sahara in the first round but Sahara made no bones about dominating when she got the chance, and the domination became more frequent as the fight wore on.

Sahara hasn't boxed at BFuk but pics like this send me soaring so far up that the reality blurs and she emerges to box or tape-fisted, to fight, another straw-weight female ( Lacey maybe? ) in an under-ground championship fight for a small fortune in a cave on the Cornish coast. You can perhaps see what these pics do to me.

The rivalry between Sahara and Lacey actually rests with the old forum which the fans created all by themselves, me included but Sahara kept the fire stoked by posting she was willing to fight Lacey.

Laughably, I accused BFuk of missing an opportunity when they could have met, taking into account the building euphoria but - negative boom! It didn't happen.

Lacey moved on, regrettably and I admit I did badger BFuk on the forum for missing the fight of the year: not only that, for putting me into a miffing huff for years.

I almost believe BFuk see into my head when they produce this type of pic, a semi-nude Sahara slicked in baby oil with her fighting fists at the ready is without doubt so sensational that I am close to having to have a ' lie down' on sight imagining her punching the heavy bag in training or better still a fantasy topless fistfight against Lacey ( sure, I can smell the liniment). Wowee!.

And there she is, sexily pouring on the oil, preparing to take on Carmen in an oil fight with the usual fight rules in place, which I believe, elevated this form of sexy roll-a-round I wouldn't normally purchase, to a rules fight in oil involving BFuk girls which I now, would not hesitate to buy.

When the girls get into a rules fight at BFuk they suffer injury as Sahara points out, the worst form usually on the left thigh and you don't have to be Sherlock to work out that most cat-fighters are right-handed and the left thigh is a very convenient target standing or down on the floor.

Well-documented is the fact that slapping cannot win the fight, but varying slaps about the body rather than concentrating on a convenient area could reduce tissue damage. On the other hand some ladies may employ that thigh slap as a tactic to wear down her opponent to get a win.

I added the gloves post fight ( just for me, though just to be clear I've no clue as to how their boxing match would end ) because I'm pretty certain Sahara would box at BFUK, no word from Lacey about that.

Sahara wears the crown at BFuk and she rules as I post, an incredible woman who is photogenic with or without clothing, is sexy and cute, loves to cat-fight; challenges, takes on women much bigger than herself, : her fight record spread over several years at BFuk probably better than any other, and recently in her busy cat-fighting life, got in the arena to fight the very rival I thought she would never, ever face.

Lacey bravely returned to take Sahara on.

What a fight! Sahara soaked up the fast punishment handed to her but her experience stifled Lacey gradually, and no clear winner emerged. Have I got closure? The photo-shopped pic gives a win to Sahara though she was so impressive in containing a tempest that I feel that the decided draw was a victory for Queen Sahara, her title is safe. Is there to be a sequel? The saga continues with the bottom line - can Lacey take her crown?

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