Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fourth Boxing Gallery

Electra looks relaxed in boxing gloves and that cocked right hand dangerous and to be honest, she is a danger to her opponents. Full of character, this attractive woman got involved on the old forum and she was not one to suffer fools gladly.

She did have disdain for any challengers which is a bit of a turn-on though Electra imo didn't play games, she was quite serious and took her fights seriously.

Candidates to fight her couldn't have been easy to find but when Ceecee challenged her, Electra made it clear she wasn't there to be beaten and the buzz before and following their fights, was awesome.

I do recall Electra posting a challenge to Natalie on the old forum but Natalie sensibly declined posting there would be no point.

No qualms for hot Holly, whenever she arrived on the BFuk scene her topless catfights against Celine and Carmen put her in that marvelous category I so enjoy called stripping to the waist and either cat-fighting or posing in boxing gloves.

She had a couple of cat-fights and moved on. Pity.

Axa's record at BFuk is incredible; a super sexy woman full of life, eager to cat-fight and box other women in order to promote herself, carrying BFuk with her and what a tough life call that must have been but this woman galloped forward; her input on the old forum very exciting, coated with her sexuality.

She shifted my brain up several gears causing burn-out at times and her photo will always remind me of her energy and the positivity she brought to her fights.

Ah! Faith! She posted on the old forum she was an attention whore coupled with nude photos of her and what do you make of that?

Other famous BFuk fighters like Natalie and Sahara did post awesome nude or near nude pics of themselves somehow leaving their sexuality intact, the difference was that Faith dropped sexual hints on the BFuk forum pages like a ton of bricks; alluringly Faith and Axa together, raised my expectation of the physical contact between women, whether it be fighting or loving with perhaps the unlikely convergence of either....somewhere in the plot.

Carmen ( right ) and Vivian obviously didn't stop in the middle of a boxing match for a pose but looking at this picture, BFuk did get Carmen used to putting on boxing gloves so eventually she did decide to box another woman on video much to my delight.

Vivacious Vivian on the other hand never got round to it. I'm hoping she'll yet return and I'd welcome her appearance in a catfight or boxing scenario.

Photogenic Tazmin rocked the boat when she arrived at BFuk, her fights in lingerie and topless, taking on the top fighters, going off abroad to return eventually for the big hot oudoors team fight where she kind of toyed with and demolished topless, well endowed hot Hannah: which injured my statistical observance that topless ladies usually win.

Mandi struck a chord with me and I will continue now to be a fan of hers as long as she appears in pics like this and if she returns to cat-fight I'll be waiting in the internet queue for the download.


Another lady I admired when she appeared in the oudoor team event was Ria who was ahead on points over a demoralized Jamielee when Jamielee came back from the dead and took the win.

Ria was eventually sacrificed to Electra giving her damndest at boxing and cat-fighting that wasn't nearly enough, then disappeared without trace, hopefully to a peaceful recovery.

Another outdoor team event specialist was the lovely Hannah fighting topless against the gorgeous Tazmin and I think Tazmin played this one along a little to a submission but Hannah was, up front, spectacularly ahead.

This brave lass fought both her BFuk cat-fights, topless.

The cat-fight specialist - she's here again - feisty Sahara has surely become the queen of BFuk, don't just give her a trophy, she deserves a crown.

Justice is at the top of my list to return to BFuk, her fights were memorable, her technique as a boxerina impressive and she is totally cute.


Mandy, seen here practising by the light of the moon, has taken to underground specialty fights now. I sometimes visit fantasy island.

Her pub fight against Portia brought her a decent purse and despite her injuries from that fight she intends to throw out challenges in her local bar and fight....for money.

Update. Mandy was in the bar with her bloke and guess who dropped in for a pint - the girl who whupped Mandi's ass in a catfight.

Sahara was sitting with her friends when Mandy gate-crashed and challenged Sahara to a no holds barred fight.

Sahara told her to set it up with her manager. Looks like it's on. I'm fantasizing again: as if you didn't know.

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