Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Focus on the Ladies....NATURAL NATALIE

Natalie: aka Diamond. This nineteen year old blossomed into full womanhood before our very eyes and developed her tactics and strategy over time becoming one of the most attractive and solid performers at Bitchfightuk.

She was opinionated on the forum which allowed me a peek at her character so that I could determine a little more than her fighting ability and attitude.

Like thousands of others ladies she is a model with attributes and her forum contributions always straight to the point, giving sound advice and the - mieeeeow claw...scratch - occasional warning.

If cat-fighters wanted a shop steward Natalie would have filled that role perfectly.

Natalie smiled a lot, she has a wonderful smile and I admit that as a cat-fight fan I don't want to see the cat-fighters laugh or smile, I'd rather they scowl or show an angry face, but outside the fight arena I am attracted to lasses who have an engaging smile.

Natalie's enchanting smile, as you will see, is never far away.

As other fighters disappeared, Natalie kept returning and BFuk and the fans were the luckier for that. The more fights she had, my admiration increased, even a loss she took in good part in fair play: she did give of her utmost in every fight I saw and her maxim ' It's not the cat in the fight it's the fight in the cat' though she used the word dog, I couldn't, she is certainly NOT a dog. '

I always give 100 per cent ' she stated and I can't argue with that ever, in fact I think she exceeded her statement in some of the fights she actually won when others might have given up.

The proof of the pudding, as it were, was to see pics of the girls in a rather distressed and dishevelled condition at the end of their fight ( like - right ) which does indicate they gave each other an extremely rough time.

She actually donned the boxing gloves very early  to box and cat-fight Daisy, the then champion.

Bitchfightuk's habit of having the girls catfight or in this case box on a bed took a fair bit of vocal flak then, on the internet but you've got to start somewhere and BFuk responded later improving the fight arena.

The bed boxing era was sexy and intimate, the pummelling of sexy bodies while kneeling or standing was played out enthusiastically but my mind did wander a little, simply because I factor in vague lesbian eroticism into the ladies workout when I am not fully engaged.

( I don't expect BFuk or any producer, for that matter, to ever produce what I seek in female boxing though I live in hope. )

The longer Natalie fought at BFuk the more I became a fan.

When Axa came on the scene she made me dizzy, she is so hot and sexy, then BFuk announced she was to take on Diamond. Whoosh! For me, this was the ultimate: personally, where could I ever find a more erotic situation? Two of the sexiest girls on my Earth getting into a fight over me! ( Please forgive the proprietary moment. )

This was the defining moment for me, I had to choose who I wanted to win and this is when I realised I was glued to Natalie.

I completely erased from my mind BFuk's claim the girls were fighting in front of their men and as the fight progressed I considered Axa was fighting dirty when she persistently slapped Natalie's tits.
I was outraged because I did not think Natalie could exceed her fair play limit, however my outrage was assuaged when Natalie responded in kind to my utter satisfaction.

It was after that I realised slapping the breasts was allowed in the rules but it's usually accidental during BFuk fights for obvious reasons, I guess.

This fight more than any, consolidated my desire for cat-fights.

I sometimes avoid non-topless matches usually where the outcome is predictable.

Nat gives her winner's speech but you can clearly see the state of her sweet body. She did get the better of Tait but there was a price to pay: you might say Natalie's skin is easily reddened but the slaps Tait laid on her were mostly all over body and hard, including her vulnerable breasts.

And yet, there's that smile again.

The BFuk ladies were always eager to compare and compete their scantily clad or almost nude bodies against each other on the forum ( wish they would do so in the video ) and just look at the competition ( above ) they were up against: the highest standards.

The only change in appearance you will see throughout Natalie's career is hair colour and she did suit being a blonde for a time, redhead for another time and I think all the changes are included in the blog.

I don't mind seeing the hair swept back or in a ponytail when the girls are posing for boxing or about to embark on a boxing match. I think it's cute, though when it's a cat-fight some girls have lost out trying to catch a swinging ponytail. Advantage ponytail!

I think Natalie looks cute with her hair swept back and, well, topless and wearing boxing gloves does help too.

Natalie loves horses, in fact the riding gear she is wearing may have been her suggestion when Becca dressed similarly and they had a cat-fight.

Riding horses apparently strengthens the legs and proved to be my undoing when Natalie took down Faith. The fact I was warned did make me eat humble pie and if I tried to post that leg scissors is outside the box in a cat-fight I would have been blasted into the next universe.

All is fair in love and war, I guess? I have never in my life been a flirt, when I supported Faith for the win it was done anonymously, if there had been a rematch I would have supported Faith again.

Fitting that her penultimate sexy photo is from the location of her last fight ( my fav fight ever ) against Faith.

I know Natalie broadened her horizons in the fight game but she was my favourite for years at BFuk, cat-fighting from her early beginnings as a novice teenager to a super mega-star and a leading lady for a company that, I'm sure, doted on her, for several years, which goes way beyond the call of duty in this type of fight game.

She never did win a trophy and the only accolade given her was ( she certainly earned it ) when I photo-shopped her on the podium in Olympic style with the gold medal, Faith, the silver and Carmen the bronze.

I bet Natalie had a good laugh over that but I do wish this beautiful lady nothing but happiness wherever and whatever.

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