Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sixth Boxing Gallery

Putting on the style and Axa takes my breath away at that. Among her many talents she uses the gloves expertly ( for a lady ) to give a couple of fellow cat-fighters harsh treatment in the boxing arena.

Chelseab ( right ) and Big in the Game Jane share the venom talk before getting it on. Here's the thing, Chelseab came at Jane in big-time windmill fashion, like how girls do, and Jane had a sweet boxing style. Chelseab recalibrated and settled down to dominate in good punching style.

Faith started off at BFuk just under 140 lbs, I guess, several fights later when she stepped into the arena for her last fight against Natalie, she told us she weighed in at ( a sexy ) 160lbs. At 5'5" tall and cuddly curvy, she proved her worth at BFuk time and time again.

Natalie weighed in at, I think, just under 150lbs for that fight against Faith having started her career at a few pounds less than 140 lbs. A models height at 5'9" this unassuming lady with a bright smile could fight her own corner and never gave up, escalating her popularity after each hard-fought battle and she possibly had the most fights at BFuk.

BFuk put the championship trophy up for grabs when, after an exhausting cat-fight in the sun against Kelly, waiting in the wings to take Becca on was Heidi, a one-of appearance lady who gave Becca a cat-fight hiding in the most ferocious and vicious attack I'd seen at BFuk apart from one other. Maybe had the photoshop worked out she'd have done better. I've got to admit though sweet Becca will always have my admiration: surely the picture proves why.

 Of quieter disposition and disinclined to show-off is my impression of Lacey but in a fight she planned to overwhelm her opponents by being speedily aggressive. She'd had her day as part of the team event in the field, a fight she lost but she was so impressive BFuk encouraged her to return and the forum went up to high alert the more she appeared.

Being of similar height and both in the straw-weight category the euphoria was building for a match-up between Lacey and the popular Sahara. It didn't happen, in fact, I suppose I could say Lacey had to come out of retirement to fight her which she bravely did with a result that both little ladies could be proud.

Speaking of Sahara, I just can't make enough fuss about this sexy, brash little lady who is a long-serving fighting hot pin-up who continually keeps BFuk's profile way up there. I hope she doesn't feel like retiring soon, there aren't many like Sahara.

This fight was always at the top of my agenda and if they'd wanted to box it could have been a bit ugly, given the way they went at their cat-fight. No doubt about it, Faith ( left ) liked to get under the skin of her opponents which had the effect of producing a more concentrated effort from them. There was no obvious sign from Faith by way of ' getting under the skin ' when she took on Natalie, as far as I'm concerned that needle was already in the air as they faced each other; their rivalry built up over time with posts on the old forum. I was always a big fan of Natalie but she held off taking on Faith for quite a long time.

Daftly, I imagined she was dodging the fight so I started a pic/story of them to pass the time. At just about the conclusion of that story Bfuk announced the fight had taken place. Of course I had to post who won my forum fight and I chose Faith. Getting it wrong is not unusual for me but the surprise at how Natalie snatched Faith off the winning rostrum was huge, as her leg-scissors destroyed the fight and breath in Faith.

Poland sends us a curvy, hot fighter Sapphire to give Carmen a few problems in their catfights, ending up boxing in the forest. BFuk do spring surprises and long may they continue to do so.

Superb cat-fight between these two: had Portia boxed Mandy I would have been fascinated to see how they tackled that fight discipline.

Nice outfit Lacey wore against Axa in their cat-fight and I suspect Axa did have to pull out extra to make lightning Lacey submit, including getting bare-breasted for effect.

Drucilla Tate returns to BFuk. When she tried out catfights at BFuk some time back, she was on a learning curve fighting Justice and Faith, two of the tougher gals, boxing Justice on video as well so I'm looking forward to the return of this sexy armful who seems to enjoy a laugh but she obviously wants to fight again. And she now has some experience. Go Dru.

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