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Around 5'7" tall and nicely proportioned this sexy woman had her first appearances at BFuk several years ago with some ups and downs. Without doubt, Carmen has the perfect lingerie figure to titillate to the extreme and for the first time in an early cat-fight against Malicious her lovely breasts broke free, though not for long, but it definitely gave that fight a plus and whetted my appetite for more of Carmen.

Appearing in boxing gloves preparatory to her cat-fight with Isis tied the fan knot even tighter for me.

However, when she took on the slimmer Isis, a one-of newbie, she did try but was unable to match the ferocity of a whirlwind applying the rules to an extreme that Carmen had not faced before. I think I fully realised at that time there were no rehearsals at BFuk. The ladies were told the rules and they got on with it.

Notwithstanding her perhaps loss of dignity, having already become established as a BFuk fighter, Carmen after several cat-fights, abandoned us and moved on and I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd lost her nerve for cat-fighting after Isis beat her up pretty badly. Having got a taste of Carmen as a lovely woman she did not seem to have the capacity for the more extreme fight.

I was delighted when Carmen returned almost a couple of years later to become a regular cat-fighter at BFuk. Convincing as the hugely sexy secretary Carmen was not shy of the camera ( love the specs too )and her exploits in her willingness to take her chances in a cat-fight became legendary for me.

She fought her way past a number of newbies with success but came to a halt at the big guns in her time, namely, Natalie and Faith, but these fights were sensational imo.

She got involved on the old forum, was quite the wit, her comments and repartee with other cat-fighters and the odd story to the fans was entertaining and commenting about Faith her comments could be classed as acerbic.

Carmen blossomed after her return, not only stimulating her fans by cat-fighting, she was willing to suck you in to her sexuality as portrayed in her series of pics in secretary garb and other pics bordering on scintillatingly subtle and not so subtle nudity which I'll produce here, compliments of BitchfightUK.

Gateway to the boxing/cat-fight in the open air, Sapphire follows Carmen to confront each other and eventually finish the day with mixed results: and all of it a complete winner for me.

These kind of pics certainly work for me especially if used in the lead up to a cat-fight or boxing match. Carmen's pic could only be improved by her opponent appearing in the same pic perhaps dressed similarly and into steamy stare-downs.

Not altogether clear but when I posted on the old forum a leading question, ' were you naked under the netting ' the post from her was positive ' YES '!

Carmen's willingness to expose her sexy body of course exposes my predeliction to browse each new pose she dares to show, which horrifyingly, must make me...quite normal.

Carmen was able to add her individuality which, for others was not so easy; over time she was confident enough to challenge, at one time to box Faith after she lost to her in a searing cat-fight.

The old forum was aflame with the notion though it didn't happen but Carmen took up the boxing idea and got herself into a topless boxing match in the forest. She is amazing.

My favourite poses produced frequently at BFuk are of the ladies topless, wearing boxing gloves, and striking an aggressive stance: Carmen has taken this in her stride promoting herself and BFuk and for those who are stimulated, welcome to that exclusive club.

I think a near-naked Carmen in that sexy red colour reaches over-stimulation.

Flexing her sweet muscle is now second nature to Carmen and the older traditions of dress for cat-fighting, woman against woman will never die when the lingerie including the garter belt and stockings is donned by such splendid women as Carmen to whet my appetite and reach for the lip salve.

Don't ever tell me that Carmen is a teaser; she is operating under standard procedure in her book, the pose merely to explain that she is willing to go a little further in order to look better than her opponent.

Rivalry between competing women in cat-fights incorporating a clash of personalities and looks can happen naturally.

I can name quite few cat-fights that embody these elements at BFUK. 

Not that that is always what happens at BFuk, and I realise the difficulties of such a guarantee tag for every fight: I've convinced myself that no matter the fight I wouldn't bother too much if the packaging was seriously arranged.

Very rarely did a BFUK fight fail to meet my requirements though I realise that additional packaging as in a story-line would be too complicated and obviously more expensive to produce. I did hanker and hope that BFUK would perhaps reach the dizzy heights of story-line, who knows, maybe they did in the beginning, so I just had to get by while operating between the old forum and their productions which produced a form of  story-line on occasion, sometimes with my imagination going into adrenalin overdrive. You know what I mean.

Carmen's ecstatic visage is seen frequently when she embarked on the oil-fight period, a fight situation to which I would not normally subscribe: however this is BFuk and it's Carmen topless versus Kelly, at times seen almost naked, in an inflatable, outdoors.

My trepidation that it was to be a roll-a-round was dispelled when these two got to slapping, grappling and hair-pulling.

Definitely repeatable for me but dare I post, what clothing they wore just got in the way, I swear! SO?

I think BFuk needed a boost so they put up the BFuk trophy for the winner of the Carmen v Vixen fight and it was
her crowning glory and so deserved when she beat the lightly pedigreed Vixen in a cracking fight, clearly producing her best will to win to hold the Bitchfightuk trophy proudly.

My sincere congratulations to a wonderful entertainer: she hasn't been around lately but I'm hoping she still wants to strut her stuff.


Tell the world by any means Carmen, you are one of a kind and one of the best.

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