Saturday, 25 April 2015

Third Boxing Gallery.

BFuk advertises a new lady and takes her to the farm. In the barn she claims loyalty to the British flag wearing boxing gloves. At 6feet tall ( left ) she is a blonde stunner called Trinny. BFuk pit my favourite stunner at 5 foot 9" brunette, Natalie in a cat-fight against Trinny.

I've only got form on Natalie so I think her experience will see her onto the winner's podium, but taking in the newbie's stats and her looks caused me to gulp and ponder. C'mon Natalie!

Trinny is keen to fight when Natalie takes the fight to her but it's slap for slap and as the cat-fight progresses I realise that Trinny is just a little bit stronger than Natalie, winning more of the grappling struggles. I can only hope that Natalie's stamina saves her but Trinny is just as durable, lasting the course, leaving a valiant Natalie with a negative stat.

This cat-fight was some time ago and Trinny a one-of but a delicious encounter in an unusual setting, just the same.

I must post that if they fought today with Nat's developed strategy in place I go with Natalie to win though maybe I just want Trinny to respond to the challenge.

Relative newbie Sophia ( left ) is definitely not found wanting when she took on Vivian in a cat-fight that left me stunned. This fight using max BFuk rules had top quality stamped all over it.

Sexy, well-built Vivian displayed her experience initially to upset the not so well muscled but equally sexy, well-built Sophia and I found in Vivian a new depth to her competitiveness that hadn't come across in previous fights, no doubt brought on by Sophia's positive response and determination to escalate when necessary.

Unfortunately for Vivian ( right ), Sophia just kept warming up until she got hotter than Vivian in the back and forward fight. An outside setting and the skin tones of this hard, sexy struggle kept the BFuk flag flying higher than ever.

Vivian, thank goodness, didn't take it too badly because she returned to fight again but Sophia sadly, after one other fight against Domino, did not, though I feel privileged she appeared to cat-fight at all and if they'd had a boxing match I'll let you choose who wins, I'd be happy to just watch.

Ashley pictured left was a newbie and a one-of.

I mentioned once elsewhere I haven't seen Ruby get an easy fight and being pitted against Ashley proved to be a cat-fight to remember.

At this time in Ruby's career she was on a high and in her turbulent fashion ploughed into Ashley who began to look alarmingly shaky as Ruby continued to dent her dignity.

However, as with other brave BFuk newbies, Ashley began to stem the tide, so much so that Ruby imo got rougher with Ashley, with some heavy belly slaps included but instead of Ruby dominating the fight, Ashley kept her head and shortly after, with a strong mount she returned those belly slaps to Ruby in payback.

Ruby, super cat-fighter that she is, finally wore Ashley down to end a memorable fight but I reckon Ruby had some fluttery moments, bringing home the possibility of a newbie fighter upsetting her upward trend.

Again, her indomitable spirit shone through to get her over the line against toughening odds from Ashley.

Kelly could never be a called a badass fighter at Bfuk. Her memorable cat-fights, including a trophy fight, were against rival Becca when the old forum reared it's head in excitement at the thought of two sweet ladies fighting with a rivalry developing.

On and off at BFuk, her fans, including me, were delighted to see her return to fight again, against Layla.

The high heels add a sexy balance to the boxing gloves.

Layla is probably the ideal opponent for Kelly and I've no doubt, had their fights been aired on the old forum, would have caused a rare old brouhaha: she and Kelly had a good old BFuk brawl with all three elements of the cat-fight in place but Kelly had an advantage: she fought topless in their rematch and I reckon topless fighters often win. ( Pure bias - for topless. )

Sam tapped gloves with Electra before their cat-fight, probably not knowing what she was up against and if they had boxed each other I very much doubt the result would be different; I've seen Electra box against Ria and she was unstoppable, overwhelming Ria: probably a more even boxing match would have been Ria versus Sam followed by a catfight, not that Sam and Ria were useless, in fact they surprised me by staying in with Electra to give her a decent workout.

You might think Vixen is a recent turnout for BFuk but in fact she made her debut several years ago when she had a good cat-fight win against another newbie, Zena.

Obviously younger and a few lbs lighter then but it was a delight to see Vixen return. She lost to a topless Carmen in a close trophy fight just over a year ago, had a tremendous fight against Sahara a few months back and I reckon if they'd boxed I'd have given a points win to a heavier punching Vixen but I'm going on the fact that Sahara is much lighter.

Pure speculation on my part. I'm definitely into the notion of an outdoor boxing match between Carmen and Vixen; Carmen is pretty good at boxing but Vixen might reverse the catfight decision against her, boxing at the farm.

Trophy boxing sounds good and I'm firing myself up pointlessly but I just can't help it.

This catfight ended with an amazing victory for Pussycat ( right ) after the heavier Scorpio failed to stop her comeback. If they'd boxed I'm boldly going for a knockout by Scorpio before the end of the third round simply because I could only believe that was what should have happened in their cat-fight and that Scorpio would punch harder in the earlier part of the fight for the knockout.

However, Pussycat unbelieveably took the early punishment from Scorpio to make her comeback to victory: if that were the boxing scenario I'd have been somewhere ' over the moon.'

Celiner ( changed to Seline in her next fight against Holly ) quickly escalated to a favourite when she fought topless against cute Rio in a very entertaining cat-fight that had a surprise ending.

Two determined young ladies in a very sexy fight and I reckon it would have been a very sexy boxing match too.

Her opponent Rio , as you can see is a very attractive young lady but sadly she stayed away after her fight against Seline ( Celiner ) and she definitely suits boxing gloves.

If she'd stayed around we could have been entertained by many more pics of her in and out of boxing gloves.

All sorts of possibilities for both girls.

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