Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Uniform Approach.

In their earlier days BFuk, while stamping their cat-fight rules also enjoyed dressing the girls up for a stare-down before a rules cat--fight after discussion on the old forum ( my negative input of 'topless' sometimes bore fruit if the dress creations gradually came off during the fight so I didn't feel left out entirely ) so BFuk had a little help but uniform dress appeared with or without support and why not.

Take newbie Helen, she dressed up for her debut against spitfire Ali ( left )and the uniform didn't get in the way of a splendid cat-fight though Ali did out-perform Helen to topless before the end: I presume the uniform was getting in her way and I certainly wasn't complaining.

Ali had some previous cat-fight experience but a delightfully stubborn Helen dug deep in a bitter struggle while being slapped ferociously by a determined Ali. Her slapping action always made me wince and maybe the reason why Helen did not return.

Hotnesses Kelly ( left )and Emma engaged in a festive cat-fight: very fetching but forgive me for pointing out that in a few of Emma's cat-fights I think she liked to dominate and scold maybe not to the extent of putting her opponent across her knee but definitely butt slapping ( she did in one of her fights ) while her opponent lay face down at her mercy.

One tough Momma and if you see this fight Kelly was not the best foil for this kind of treatment but she tried.

I graduate to hardcore beatdown with Natalie on the receiving end with her spirit somehow remaining intact.

Newbie Chelseab ( right ) and experienced Natalie wore similar when they clashed but I'm sure that didn't annoy Chelseab; her instinct is hardcore which she demonstrated from the off. Natalie took part gamely, even sharing the aggression, which merely maddened Chelseab to treat Natalie with disdain by taking her to the floor or outslapping her with the more direct  heel of the hand slap/punch?  ( ouch! ) when she felt Natalie was trying to assert herself.

Amazingly, Natalie survived for three absolutely wicked rounds in this bout, the jump to hardcore just out of her reach against a girl who imo would meet hardcore head-on as in her fight against Ruby. A ' shock and awe ' thing for me. What was it for Natalie? ' I'll take it as it comes ' she seems to say.

Roxy( left ) def got into my head on the old forum through her connection with an underground boxing and fighting circuit in which she got involved at a young age fighting boys and girls. Star could appear anywhere outside cat-fighting and cause a stir because of her appearance imo.

Seeing these two in a stare-down, I knew nothing about Star and the intriguing Roxy was already a tough force: I felt Star was going to go down hard. She did but not without a brave fight and obvious injury.


Cheerleaders had to happen and Dawn and Emma were chosen to throw each other about in cheerleader fashion.


  If Emma thought she was going to scold and dominate Dawn, she had another think coming. Dawn took her all the way.

Two sexy women trying to dominate each other in a catfight is like, paradise gained.

 Dawn and Ali slipped into garter belts and stockings ( can't beat it ) to cat-fight. The odds looked with Dawn though if you've been in a fight with speedy Ali she leaves her opponent well marked but when Dawn closed in she flung the lighter Ali about with gusto.

The only pleasure I reckon Dawn felt was when the little fiebrand Ali submitted.

Blonde Goldie and Roxy dressed as Goldielocks, locked up to find out who is the real Goldielocks and what a fight. Roxy is a tough lady but all her fighting experience, confined perhaps to the rules, could not overcome the strength of Goldie who frequently put her on her back to stifle and to gain a heavy mount.

I'd love to see the winning Goldielocks walk out to fight Natalie. Just a wandering, dreamy thought because Natalie took on and beat Roxy in another tough fight.

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