Tuesday, 14 April 2015

First Boxing Gallery.

BFuk allowed me the privilege of photshopping their images to create my own fantasies in regard to the wonderful women they paid to cat-fight for our entertainment.

Faith and little known Sapphire never fought ( more's the pity ) but I was desirous of that fight ( I was getting horny at the thought ) so I created my own fiction.

The whole story is no longer there and the pic is just a remnant but where Sapphire almost knocks Faith out was typical of me because I knew Faith would win in the end.

Displaying the ladies topless ( or less ) in fights is quite common for me: so sexy.. yah!

Mention Faith and sexy and I switch to this BFuk mega star to dwell on their fight, one which I fictionalised and finally viewed for real when they stripped topless and fought to a positive finish after a long, mouth-watering build-up on the old forum.

Bad Barbie or Scouse Pammy as she was called had several catfights but she was a girlie fighter and because I didn't see her fight tough - more into having a giggle - I couldn't rate her in the fight game though I couldn't possibly ignore her physical attraction which I rated highly.

In fact she lost to the gorgeous Sofia who was probably the closest to her fighting category at the time and who had never claimed a victory, but a healthy romp nonetheless between two very attractive ladies.

 I have to call Danni a hardcore fighter, even taking into account what is relative amongst the BFuk fighters, she would have been in the top group: if you see this girl cat-fight you'd understand possibly why.

She strolled over Scouse Pammy and against Sahara, she even looked willing to trade punches at times.

Durable Sahara somehow cannot take her foot off the accelerator pedal and made Danni work for three rounds but Sahara really suffered for that.


Returning to the girl from Poland, Sapphire who took on Carmen at cat-fighting and boxing. I posted on the forum that Sapphire might make for an interesting opponent for Faith.

That didn't happen, so I created my own fantasy to satisfy the adrenalin surge I had had for that particular cat-fight.

I had many adrenalin surges for BFuk cat-fights between particular ladies and these did end up as a posted pic story: whether anybody else liked them or not, it was certainly an outlet for me.

I didn't have to reach too far to imagine this fight because two cracking cat-fights from Natalie and Axa had me very busy, in fact, feverishly, so, posting more than one fictionalised encounter between them made me industrious to the point of hysteria..

This pic warms up the fight engine nicely and Sahara's epic long cat-fight with Justice encouraged me to post on the forum a slightly different slant using BFuk pics rather than photo-shopped.

This fight captured my imagination; this marathon highlights Sahara's determination and durability and for the newbie Justice, her adjustment to soak up Sahara's fighting experience, after a shaky start gaining momentum by fighting as hard as Sahara, matching her durability.

The two girls looked shiny with sweat at the end and the injuries from slapping, obvious. I did think at one point slaps from Justice to Sahara's thigh and Sahara's reaction might have caused a submission but of course, this is Sahara I'm talking about: no chance.

The girl who tickled my fancy and who side-lined Natalie was Faith because over time and fights I felt she might just be able to beat Natalie in a cat-fight.

I can say with clarity Faith lost to the Diamond when for the first time in BFuk history Natalie used her strong, long, gorgeous legs to scissor wickedly and destroy that fanciful thought of mine.

Both their spells in cat-fighting ended at BFuk that day with some input on the forum from both. I think they both suffered injury in that magnificent fight and mention of a rematch could only have been decided by paying them more money knowing what they'd have to endure and it looked like they asked for too much.

A rematch has not happened, not yet, and both are off the radar. I hope BFuk keeps pinging out.

Some matches get to me more than others usually when, in a remotely personal way I am closer to the fighting gals, their personalities, their involvement on the forum and their histories firing up my imagination, then BFuk pruduces the reality and I have closure: until the next.

The athletic build of this personable BFuk champion Chelseab posed in boxing gloves down at the farm and she does have a boxing record at BFuk.

Her demeanor on video indicated that perhaps she'd had ballet lessons - she demonstrated a cute twirl when announced- and rumour had it that she'd had training in judo. A casptivating lady but one hellcat in a fight.

The latter does not surprise me after seeing her fight Ruby, her strength and surely some judo technique must have applied to hold down a battling Ruby for as long as she did.

Pinkie ( I know why she called herself that spur of the moment nom de ) was down at the farm the same time as Cheseab but without a boxing record ( that I know of ) she posed for boxing, took the gloves off and got into a fight with Chelseab.

Like most girls, Pinkie did not know how to battle with a whirlwind hardcore champion, she stayed in for as long as she could then gave in happily and with obvious relief.

Did nobody tell her what to expect? Natalie and Ruby were both there and they'd had similar treatment from Chelsea. Wicked BFuk!

The delectable Alexsa and deliciously mature Mia were newbies and threatening each other wearing boxing gloves, although sexy, being newbies the picture somehow only dredged up a little enthusiasm until I saw the catfight.

Produced by Catfight Britain, what a sexy struggle: two gorgeous women really battling to get the submission under BFuk rules, then captivating Mia strips topless fot the ending.

Drooling comes to mind for this cat-fight and I certainly had to suck it up when I lost myself in this hot display.

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