Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Second Boxing Gallery.

Rusty and Millie gloved up for a face-off before their cat-fight at an outdoor setting in a team event with the two captains Ruby and Chelseab and team members yelling support and advice as the two rolled about inside the ropes fighting their hearts out.

Initially Rusty wouldn't let Milly settle and she forged ahead through her aggressiveness. Millie rolled with Rusty's aggression and she began to find a way inwards through Rusty's defence causing Rusty to collapse.

Loving sisters they are, Millie seen protecting Lily's vitals but when they boxed each other all hell was let loose and loving sisters became competitive sisters to give an amazing alfresco punch-up which included some dirty tactics.

They acquitted themselves well to win their cat-fights against the Jones sisters at the same event. A few years ago this was but I'd hate to write them out of BFuk's books: very feisty young ladies.

Jamielee became a hit when she first appeared ( where this pic was taken, I guess )at the outdoor venue when she had a superb all newbie cat-fight against Ria in the team event. Jamielee must have garnered a pretty decent fanbase though she didn't share her thoughts on the old forum, her cat-fights did the talking for her.

Sometimes the boxing pose at first glance causes a spark igniting my brain cells to go way beyond what the ladies are capable of boxing or cat-fighting.

Malicious ( she's not really ) cocks her left gloved hand in the right way to cause that spark. Looking hot in lingerie Carmen bullies Malicious in a languid sexy cat-fight outdoors under the heat of the sun.


I defy myself ( or block out) as to why at first glance this pic puts me into a delicious spasm. It's just two women stripped to the waist posing, wearing boxing gloves and panties, for goodness sake! Quite normal ( maybe abnormal )for me but I guess not so many get this impact.

Anyway they had a cat-fight in which they could have kept the boxing gloves on as there was a lot of slapping and I would have liked to be a judge and given a decision after watching the video of the fight several times.

Faith and Justice give a good staredown in boxing gloves simply because Faith antagonises her opponents. She could not help behaving badly in order to get under their skin. Justice and Sahara had a bitter struggle in their fight but there was no bad-mouthing or insults. During their cat-fight Faith did bait Justice and the response was immediate; she baited Lacey as well and extreme insults were exchanged.

I have no doubt the bad blood between Carmen and Faith arose in the same fashion and probably still remains. She didn't like being called the nasty girl on the old forum but I have to admit I am a fan of Faith and her attitude, I like the added intensity she made possible through that bitchy approach, after all the firm is called BitchfightUK and lots of fans love the sexy strutting and over-confidence to intimidate: not that it always works.

Goldilocks puts on the gloves down at the farm and looks a treat. Her catfights she took in her stride and showed she was competent and efficient at overcoming her opponents resistance to take the win.

I was seeing the potential for a really good testing battle if BFuk could match her against Natalie ( imo in my crazed mind Natalie was the testing gateway for females, if they beat her, to go in against the hardcore fighters ) and as always I over-extend the cat-fighting career of the girls who join BFuk by several miles, so this fight never got off the ground: and yet there was a murmur from BFuk not so long ago that Goldie might make an appearance again.

Where are you Natalie?

Instant wow!. Topless feisty women in a hot staredown wearing boxing gloves set the scene for the ensuing cat-fight which definitely matched the staredown. Sahara is a major player in promoting the cat-fight and is without doubt one of the busiest, sexiest and fittest ladies to grace BFuk and her opponent that day was a very feisty, sexy lady called Portia.

Sahara shows no respect to the bigger Portia in a gloved staredown before they mix in a superb topless cat-fight and newbie Portia was lucky to get a draw at the end of the lesson she was taught by our diminutive champion. All credit to Portia for being a quick learner and finishing strongly in the third round to salvage a draw. I would love to see a rematch between these two - you listening BFuk?

Two megastars of BFuk are featured posing in boxing gloves and sexy eye-candy as they are, I would have to think that if they did box Sahara would lose to Natalie, given the difference in size but it is Sahara whom we know is as determined a scrapper as is Natalie. So all that stamina they have should last around fifteen rounds of topless boxing and I am all in favour of that.

They actually have had a topless drawn catfight in which Sahara was a slippery customer and avoided being pinned for three rounds - that is special. I know: Sahara - for a straw-weight, features heavily in this blog and so she should.

Popular long-serving Carmen is one of the gamest ladies in the cat-fighting business. For BFuk she has had her wins, her beatdowns, has been photographed as the dishy secretary, the negligeed housewife ( that's how I saw it ), and many more pics with her fists at the ready and wearing boxing gloves : a topless marvel, even covering herself in oil a couple of times for the oil fights.

I hope I can purchase some more of sexy Carmen's fights in the future.

 At 5'1" and around 100 lbs ( less than 45 kilos ) Lacey wears boxing gloves and stirs my imagination into overdrive. She looks so vulnerable you'd want to tell her not to get involved in a boxing match and stop her climbing into the ring but my imagination won't allow it and she has to box in my head.

From her cat-fight showings the reality is that this little lady is a pugnacious fighter and takes delight in putting her opponents down in lightning-like hair take-downs in the blink of an eye if she can.

She's been off and on at BFuk and recently turned up after a long lay-off to challenge our legend Sahara. Oh Boy! If these two got into the ring to box inside my head I'd need the paracetamol to hand.

I had to follow Lacey with Sahara again and to see these two dressed as they are in a boxing match.....nah! Never happen. I'll just finish here, go for a cold shower, maybe play it out in my mind later and be less inclined to exaggerate.

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