Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Uniform Approach Two.

I mentioned in Uniform Approach that Goldielocks should take on Natalie because they both edged out plucky Roxy. Years on maybe BFuk can bring them back to settle my wish. You know what I mean.

So Natalie and Roxy got involved in a superb fight where body skin took a hammering: the slapping cruel.

Roxy gave Natalie a fright but her durability wore down Roxy's strength; a marvellous cat-fight. If I remember correctly Natalie's body looked red all over from Roxy's wicked slaps though Roxy was marked up badly as well.

An early catfight between Genie and Kerry ( the boss's younger sister ) produced a flurry on the forum when clothes ripping to bra and panties saw lovely Kerry overwhelm the resistance of cute Genie.

I saw in this fight the vulnerability of Genie compared with the determination of Kerry, a trait she shared with the boss, her sister, Simone.

Chrystalou ( sometimess Nicola (( right )) was a real favourite of mine in the early bitchfightuk days. She had the instincts of a fighter and did not hold back to gain a victory. But this fight against Jody was something else, partly because Jody was a gorgeous looking gal and in stripping off their negligee uniforms to topless had me gawping as they tore into each other, all but naked, to a finish.

Jody was a one-of appearance - but a special hard-fought fight took place then. Chrystalou's figure, for me, defines woman: she has a gorgeous shape; now put her alongside the taller, attractive and curvy Jody and what do you get? A fight: it doesn't get any better than that.

Shiny pvc was worn by Lily. Who's Lily? She arrived suddenly one day ready to take on little Sahara whose reputation was becoming giant-sized. Similarly adorned in pvc regalia Sahara was ready to risk her status against another newbie who was only slightly bigger though she didn't appear to be the aggressive type and actually quite vulnerable looking.

The fight turned out to be a romp for Sahara though Lily put up surprising resistance in spite of her vulnerable look but, let's face it, Sahara is not easily surprised.

I did hope that Lily would return and cat-fight again ( I could have been a fan of hers ) but she'd had enough.

One thing you can say about the regular BFuk fighters is that they don't normally 'go easy 'on newbies. In fact when the newbie doesn't go easy on a regular there is a slight tremor at BFuk ( in my mind ) and I am left to ponder her standing on the cat-fight ladder there.

Jamielee is a regular and up against the diminutive newbie Indian Tiger there was absolutely no mercy, just pure beat-down. Hardly the spirit their uniforms reflect.

I'm surprised the Indian Tiger lasted as long as she did. She was in the small, cute category and I'm sure she would have slotted in against ladies of her own stature ( I think she and Lily from the previous post could have had an interesting cat-fight ) but feeding her to Jamielee merely resulted in sending the ferocious ' Indian Tiger ' incongruously to a life well clear of cat-fighting.

Complete with dots of face painting these two sexy girls were pretty much on a level playing field on paper with a promising cat-fight in prospect.

Becca and Danni, two BFuk's lookers went head to head and their clothing suffered while Becca was besting Danni.

As the third round was about to get underway Becca: Shazam! For the first time in after many fights she fought the last round topless confidently facing Danni who fought hard but crumbled into submission at the end. A ploy by a long-standing favourite? Or a farewell gesture?

Sadly, tt was to be her last cat-fight at BFuk. Along with many cat-fight fans I adored (remotely) Becca when she first appeared and I renewed my vows to her( remotely )when she fought topless.

Headline: Newbie Alert. Domino and Diamond clash in airline uniforms: Smoky gossip has it that Domino is related to sweet Becca, and don't they have an uncanny resemblance.

Consider that Becca's sister Sharni arrived at BFuk and topped her sister Becca's performance ( No! Not topless.) against Danni. Wow! What a cat-fighting family.

Frankly, Domino was a puzzle to the Diamond because her balletic movement was frustrating her, however, once she fought to pull the elusive Domino close she got the Natalie treatment.

A tough fight for the Diamond but she was getting the upper hand more and more.

Shock! In the last round Natalie had lost it, Domino began to dominate, now both scantily dressed, Domino mounted a beaten BFuk favourite and dragged a desperate submission from Natalie. I was astounded. Yes, Domino was a good fighter but Natalie lost her energy in the last round.

What is going on? I was in a huff until Natalie posted on the old forum she had hit her head on the floor earlier in the fight which had caused her lack of energy and I completely accepted that reason for her weakness in the last round: not resulting in a concussion, thankfully, so I returned to bliss. Purr..rr..rr

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