Thursday, 26 March 2015

Staredowns and Sauce Part 5.

The imagination reaches dizzy heights for potential behind this pic. Becca ( left ) and Natalie down on the farm are in the right setting, dressed a la equestrian, to settle their issue by cat-fight. Natalie is at home with horses so she is not out of place and Becca could be forgiven for not even liking horses because she suits that dress code. Both look smart and coolly attractive.

This fight, with available funds, could well have been enhanced had thirty seconds been added to the start with the girls working up to taking off their jackets. Easier said than done. The fight was well within the definition of a BFuk catfight and Becca put up a good fight making Natalie work very hard to finish the day by making Becca .....scrub down the stable? Maybe too light a humiliation! I'm sure the fans could easily suggest a variety of humiliating penalties.

I was never a fan of big difference in physique in women's catfight. I'd had so many good fights at BFuk that my loyalty caused me to dip my toe and this fight blew me away.

Scorpio, a generously proportioned mature lady looked strong enough to beat a slightly younger, slim Pussycat, totally and that is how the fight started and continued until Pussycat, after suffering horrendous hair ragging, take-downs by the hair and solid slapping including angry flat-fisted rib thumps began to take advantage of a tiring but desperate Scorpio who just did not want to lose. I couldn't fathom where Pussycat found the energy for her power comeback and neither, I suppose, could Scorpio. What a fight and what a brave result.

I don't recall Ruby drawing opponents who gave her an easy fight and sexy Tazmin ( right ) was no exception. Dressed extremely enticingly they engaged in a very tough BFuk fight which mostly kept my mind off their appearance. How easily the mind flits between ' the how they look ' and ' how they fight.'

Though Kelly and Layla have been around for a long time at BFuk they've had their lay-offs but this is encouraging for the many fans who miss their favourites and hope that one day will see them return.

BFuk are fortunate to have such popular girls as Kelly and Layla returning to cat-fight. Being good-natured towards your opponent is the norm at BFuk but the rules fight stretches the sportiness and potentially, could explode beyond good-natured.

I have not seen these particular ladies explode beyond sporty but they do commit themselves to rules fighting enthusiastically.

Add this to their sexy, attractive appearance and hey presto! Magic!

BFuk put Natalie up against a variety of newbie cat-fighters and occasionally against the regulars. The former, with two exceptions she dusted off very often with ease but a few did give her a very hard fight and she was often left suffering the 'red all over ' effect from slapping injury. Her proposed fight against Emma had me drooling at the mouth but deep down I guessed one day she was going to meet her match and it might be submitting to gorgeous Emma.

The fight started in uniform with Emma powering into Natalie full on, as usual without mercy. Natalie took the punishment bravely, even having the breakthrough for a mount but Emma took the early glory. Eventually the clothing came off and both got stuck in topless. Emma suffered an exhaustion spell (noticable in other fights too) when Natalie took little advantage ( so nice - argh!!). Though she tried gamely, Emma could not muster enough fight against Natalie who breezed the win magnificently in the final round, those long lovely legs astride a shattered but still slapping, Emma.

In her early days Kelly looked a wisp compared to the champion Daisy, she could have used a bit more weight beacause Daisy was not going to let the young upstart get the better of her.

Though Kelly harassed Daisy throughout, Daisy had control to the end.

Vivian ( right ) a voluptuous woman whose skin glinted beautifully after a couple of rounds of fighting: also able to raise her muscles in a sexy way had had a varied career up to the time when she was pitted against Big in the Game Jane, an attractive and happy lady who captured my respect and awe as she progressed catfight to catfight showing a weight loss each time. Not easy to do unless you commit hugely.

The fight was a BFuk plus where Jane was the aggressor all the way and a spirited, defensively resisting effort kept Vivian in the fight right to the end. Jane got fed up trying to pull Vivian about in a one-way struggle so she gave in, though I thought she had the fight in the bag: points wise. ( Here I go again. )

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