Saturday, 21 March 2015

Staredowns and Sauce. Part4.

Voted the best ever cat-fight on the old forum run by BFUK fans, fantastic Emma the experienced fighter who was seen as a serious and a ' no nonsense ' woman, ' who rubbed her opponents the wrong way, was to fight Cassie, the mischievous, coy and cheeky woman who had had an artistic catfight against Sillica then a beat-down from Electra the Great. What was I to think? Cassie was going to be taken apart by the voluptuous Emma ( left ).

In fact they're both voluptuous and they clashed on the old forum with a huge difference of attitude including insult but given their form I was backing Emma. How wrong I was again. They were said to have drawn ( and shared the prize ) by the referee, Simone.

Magnificently topless, bad-tempered, gripping, pulling and tugging hair, viciously slapping, grappling with cheeky trash talk and accusations. A total keeper.

Becca ( lft ) scored highly with the fans, I think, mainly for her fights against Kelly and she won the smaller girls trophy after beating Kelly twice. Axa, after forcing the submission from Jamie Lee, publicly challenged Becca to fight for the trophy.

These attractive women had a very sexy clash and the strongest thread throughout the battle was Axa: Becca surprised me near the end of the fight when Axa must have gone too far, as Becca became very aggressive propelling Axa across the room forcing her into the door. Go Becca: but her temper subsided enough to submit soon after.

Ruby ( left ) the true trooper appeared on the farm ( after losing to Chelseab for the title ) among the straw bales, she prepared to tackle Jamie Lee.

BFuk dressed them up school girl style for the staredown ( note their aggressive intention by way of their fists pushed into the chest in the photo ).

Looking for Jamielee to make her mark after an up and down time at BFUK, to have Ruby's scalp on her belt would be a huge boost.

Dressed as they were, tit punching was not obvious during the fight, however it was a thrilling fight with aggressive Ruby out to prove she was still at the top of her game and Jamie Lee was a fraction below Ruby's league. When was Ruby any different!

That sexy woman and clever fighter, Ceecee ( right ) entered the fight room to take on Big in the Game Jane, a fun girl whose catfighting effort was beginning to interest me.

Both girls enjoyed this fight with Jane on a learning curve stretching Ceecee but not enough to be a huge worry on the day. Remenber Ceecee took on and gave the champ Electra a good run for her money so Ceecee could respond to hardcore.

Carmen took on Natalie in a topless rematch ( having lost to Natalie in the first fight ) but grappling, slapping, and hair-pulling are second nature to sexy Carmen and to see her grappling and struggling on the floor or hair-pulling and slapping with Natalie was an art in itself. There were tactics deployed by both, using the hair to gain an advantage or to straddle using their long gorgeous legs to scissor, a joy to watch.

Natalie always had an edge but Carmen gave of her best within her comfort zone. In fact, if I remember they were called on to fight a third time which was declined by Natalie citing that Carmen was a tough fight for her and she didn't see the point of a third fight because of the injury planted on each other and clearly visible after each fight.

I truly believe Carmen would have been up for it but she had the problem of having to face off against Faith at this time.

This bad-tempered encounter between Faith and Lacey started on the forum when Faith posted she would like to fight Lacey to broaden her catfighting skills and to taste the power of the smaller woman. Faith ( right ) was varying her fighting tastes, and I think she felt Lacey was a stepping stone for her because the popular Lacey was at that time riding the crest of a big wave.

Faith'd posted her thoughts pre-fight but Lacey wasn't for boasting by posting though to take on and beat a lady around 50 lbs heavier may have been too much of a boast.

BFuk were proud to announce the fight was on and the pic shows the fists are up because this was to be a very special fight. The trash-talk, bad-mouthing and insults cleaved the air from their mouths during a very heated fight where Faith faced the tenacity and speed of Lacey, suffering greatly in order to gain extra breadth to her experience.

Faith later admitted on the forum that prior to the clash Lacey had promised she was going to throw her to the floor: Lacey did just that, with extras thrown in. One thing Faith did prove in this fight was her durability against a very tough, game, smaller opponent.

Not everybody likes oil-fights, usually a wrestling roll-around involving partially clothed or naked, hot women. Not tough enough?

Kelly ( right ) and Carmen hotly represented BFuk by oiling themselves, Carmen topless and Kelly barely covering her essentials stepping into the inflatable to indulge in a sexy roll-around catfight with the added BFuk ingredients, hair-pulling and slapping.

The fight spilled onto the grass at the end when Kelly showed her fangs. I would suggest that Carmen enjoyed that fight, the beautific expression on her face frequently caught on camera. Treating this oil-fight as a typical BFuk rules catfight intensified and eroticised the action as far as I'm concerned.

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