Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fetish-Wear Cat-fight. Natalie v Samara

Fetish-Wear. BFuk occasionally liked to dress up the girls before their cat-fight and Natalie ( left ) and Samara drew the fetish-wear card for their battle.

Two very hot young ladies posing before the start of their battle raised anticipation levels. Samara the new girl on the block unlocked my imagination because she is tall and most definitely curvy, great legs and huge eyes that speak volumes going up against ( literally ) the marvellous Natalie. Topping Natalie's five feet nine inches by an inch, physically she looked to have a slight advantage but the odds were with the more experienced Natalie to win. With the help of photo-shop I did think it possible that Samara could sneak the submission.

At this time in Natalie's cat-fighting progress she was beginning to develop a strategy where she allowed her opponent to tire herself out so she often fought from underneath and quite often this strategy was successful; however she did take a lot of punishment before taking over to knock the stuffing out of her tiring opponents.

The girls grappled their way to the floor, hair-pulling and slapping but it was not obvious that Samara was a beginner, she may even be stronger than my favourite.

Natalie has got to find ways to tame this strong, hot female.

Backs to the wall for Samara, clearly an advantage as Natalie appears to be overwhelmed.

Natalie's experience over raw energy claims the advantage with Samara out of position but what a spectacular position.

Natalie grapples Samara onto her back taking charge of the mount and a flurry of slapping and hair torture begins.

The long legs of Samara have yet to encircle Natalie's sexy body to help her escape domination. Natalie maintains the pressure on Samara who seems at a loss though she happily pulls hair and slaps.

An energetic, flurried fighting exchange has Natalie's strength under threat from a Samara power move.

Teetering on the edge of ' who mounts who '. Oh No! That raw strength Samara has, prevails and Natalie is down and on her back.( I'm a whimpering wreck.)

Samara is ecstatic, in the mounted position, slapping hard and gripping hair to keep Natalie's head still in payback.

She is enjoying her temporary superiority over Natalie who immediately goes to work slapping Samara's already shredded thigh hard.
Is she targetting the injury?

Natalie never stops working the slaps or hair gripping even when the tables are turned.

 Nonplussed, Samara keeps control but slapping attacks from Natalie are having a startling effect. The first two rounds have been arduous and they are level as far as I'm concerned. The final round begins with the girls kneeling on the bedspread facing each other and Samara sensuously strips off her fetish wear top, her big eyes challenging Natalie to do the same.

Have no fear, Natalie responds to the challenge and they are ready to fight the last round topless with the briefest cover downstairs.

Vying for the mount amid slaps and hair-tugging is not at all difficult to watch and Natalie gradually gains the upper hand, straddling a tiring Samara who fights on with slaps and no doubt she still wishes to be the girl on top.

It seems Samara is in for the long haul on her back in the third and final round as her lovely legs wrap Natalie's waist, the effort of twists and turns pulling the hair as their breasts clash together; breathing heavily, surely both must be perspiring from the effort - oops - back to the pics...

Samara should be tightening her scissors grip as Natalie attacks her hair: she wants to keep Samara's head still so she can freely slap her already savaged thigh. Beginning to realise Natalie is relentless and is not going to give her any peace: Samara  has to do somethng major to gain the upper hand

Samara is gearing up for a major assault, her leg scissors looks fierce, her hands getting into Natalie's hair while Natalie perhaps sensing a power thrust from Samara grips hair seriously, holding Samara's head hard to the floor.

Samara's torso looks tense, she is preparing to use her body to force Natalie off her to go for a mount.

Targeting Natalie's hair the struggle intensifies.

Natalie fights back.

Samara succeeds in shifting Natalie, they are alongside: has she got enough energy to mount Natalie?

Almost there: Samara has got her leg over... Natalie.... but.....

she finds the energy to resist the violent resurgence of Samara, whose face reflects the energy drain.

Slick body to slick body, Natalie hears the submission from a worthy contender.

Inquest underway. The narrative has been posted with some memory involved but conveniently and mostly from the pics.Unfortunately Samara was a one-of so...no rematch, I'm sure Natalie would have obliged - me too.

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