Thursday, 5 March 2015

Stare-downs and Sauce Part 3.

Holding your own in any kind of fight against somebody a bit more than twelve kilos heavier makes me think I should be talking my way out of it. Not Lacey. Her opponent, Axa is sauce with a bite. After the stare-down, as always, Lacey was, without mercy, pushing Axa to her limits and surprising her totally with a magnificent throw by the hair to the floor. Axa had to swallow her pride.

She had to teach little Lacey that her dignity could not allow this kind of treatment so she produced the extra to eventually make Lacey submit. 

The truly sexy sauce was when Axa stripped off her top between rounds to fight bare-breasted which certainly seemed to surprise Lacey and which made this video really special: an unlikely setting observing the girls faces as it happened, Axa's very sexual moment and Lacey's reaction. So hot, but was it intimidation? Axa had Lacey on the ropes, as it were, after that.

Faith and Justice each fought their way past rookie Drucilla to go head to head but for me Faith was the favourite. I saw Faith as a power fighter and Justice's marathon match against Sahara to a draw, nor her win against Dru, a much bigger lass, did not change my opinion that Faith should win decisively. 

The only moment that was decisive was the end of the third round when Justice finally capitulated. Trash talk from Faith antagonised Justice who responded angrily ( Faith did later remark on the forum that her trash talk was designed to provoke ). 

Cute Lacey ( left ) shocked classy Layla from the off, thrown to the floor Layla battled for her dignity and began to make a fight of it. 

Ferocious slapping by Lacey upped the ante for Layla who responded magnificently.

Lacey had shown again as she had in other fights she would not hold back from the start so Layla gave her all  and after three rounds I think Layla was not the happiest bunny as the loser, a determined Lacey snuffed the challenge from Layla.

Back through the mists of time Daisy was the lady to beat. Six foot tall and slim but another young brash fighter was set to make a name for herself.

Ruby took Daisy all the way in a fight to the finish. The result was a setback for Ruby but she went on to have many remarkable fights while a somewhat reserved Daisy had a few fights but no one to match her fighting ability.

That is until the forum was re-energised when Simone challenged Daisy. If you consider the individual girls who enter the fight arena, each have their experience and character when thrown into the fray often resulting in a diffused fight where one is weaker than the other and the stronger, out of kindness, eases back. 

When she doesn't ease back on the' nice ' reaction then you get all the way to beat-downs. If both are alphas you got a real fight. BFuk has it all: within the rules and maybe just outside the rules.

However the boss Simone used all her previous skills to claim a win over Daisy who fought hard but perhaps lost due to her lack of experience.

Head to head: two absolute alphas in character and varied experience at BFuk as captains of their teams at an outdoor event. Ruby returning from a long lay-off, bullish enough to tackle a confident relative newcomer called Chelseab. Ruby ( left ) goes topless ((intimidation attempt?) or is it just me)). The two teams egging on their leaders as they fight it out in the makeshift ring.

This fight is where the rules were technically infringed where Chelseab literally threw Ruby by the hair into the air: a second look at the download revealed quite amazingly that Chelseab was forced to follow through to the ground as Ruby fiercely held onto her hair. The fight became a strength struggle and at the end Ruby, backed by BFuk claimed she was still the champion as she hadn't submitted. The old forum had their say and BFuk reversed their decision: in hindsight a rematch a would have been way better. Dang!!

Speaking of alphas, Electra ( left ) was scathing of any suggestions by the fans, making it plain there wasn't a fighter worth her time, so a newbie was to face her, the well-endowed Sam. Both strapping ladies as they faced up chest to chest and who was to be the aggressor? Of course Electra was prime, hauling Sam to the depths of hard fighting, close-ups of Electra's fingers seemingly attempting to tear the hair from Sam's head, flat-fist punching ( for which she was publicly warned ) and Sam trying to keep up; all credit to her:she swapped slaps, hauled hair and grappled but it was a downward spiral.

The forum gave Sam the thumbs up for her effort but she may well have had the fight knocked out of her which does not surprise me. She might have returned had her opponent been of lesser calibre than the majestic, strong-willed Electra. 

Had Chelsea fought Electra you'd have paid for that one, they were friends, apparently, so whistle.

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