Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stare-downs and Sauce Part 2.

Electra ( left ) eyes up the competition for the BFuk cat-fight title. She is going to find that the confident Ceecee matches her in most departments.

The title was vacant until Ceecee appeared and three weeks before the title fight she and Electra had an astounding fight amongst the hay bails, down on the farm. There hadn't been a real challenge to Electra's dominance until Ceecee suddenly appeared and she looked to be a truly credible challenge.

Very much a strength fight they pushed each other to the limit within the rules, Electra taking the win with a merciless finish. Three weeks later to my huge surprise Ceecee agreed to take on Electra for the vacant title.

Amid a furore on the internet the fight took place topless among the hay bales again. Man! What a sight ( Ceecee right )as these two magnificent women faced each other. Their previous fight had been fairly close and I wasn't going to write Ceecee off in spite of losing earlier, perhaps she had a plan.

My adrenalin was soaring.

It was clear from the start Ceecee had confidence, out of the starting blocks quickly putting Electra on the defensive back foot, up against the hay bales. Fighting desperately, Electra began to turn the fight her way until at one point both piling outside the fight arena.

The fight swung back and forth until I sensed Electra's strength was going to endure as Ceecee's had begun to waver. The classic finish with Ceecee beaten on the floor, Electra towering over her.

Electra looked exhausted as she claimed the trophy, the mascara running just a little and the relief obvious.

A marathon fight split into two downloads faced Justice in her debut fight against Sahara. ( left - note the partial Haka from Sahara ) Heavier than Sahara I thought Justice had a good chance of beating her slighter opponent if she could get her to the floor and take the mount position where Sahara might well get stuck underneath at Justice's mercy. Should I have been surprised? Not if Sahara is in the mix because she was the first to take Justice down.

The fight was to flow backwards and forwards with heavy slaps and hair gripping for advantage. Justice, being a newbie fought for and found her niche so that each was giving the other an equally hard time. The flesh suffered badly for both and I can't imagine how the hair roots felt.

The Becca and Kelly fights I felt were sensual classics. Consider two good-lookers with trim figures sexily dressed, grappling on the deck in mostly strength struggles with some slapping and hair work.

If you like turnovers, there were over seventy in their first fight which was outdoors in the field and the other indoors wearing very feminine outfits. Both girls did eventually fight topless in other fights and I quibble, no doubt unfairly, that this was missing in both their fights but I guess I don't want to reach these dizzy heights too often for health reasons.

The legends Axa and Natalie chose to fight topless apparently in front of their partners ( many cat-fight fans would subscribe to that ). Axa threw herself into this fight giving Natalie ( left ) a tough contest, initially edging ahead but when it comes to competitive Natalie knows how to pace herself.

Both girls were into numerous heavy hard slapping exchanges and bitchy hair gripping in a hotly contested sexy ground fight on blankets. The twists and turns and the see-saws back and forth of this fight made this one of my favourite fights at BFuk.

Why sexy? Apart from the obvious, I'm easily swayed but the imagary captured by the camera tuned my mind in and out of the erotic. I do try to keep the lesbian thinking away from cat-fights but it's a sexy imaginary extension I sometimes can't resist, and Axa and Natalie are candidates for that extension whether they like it or not. My bad!

I did come to the conclusion ( forgive the pun ) after double checking the film that Axa had it in for Natalie's vulnerable breasts giving them titties hard slaps without retaliation in kind, but when the tables were turned I later let out a cheer when Natalie got her own back with some good inside whacks. I'm sure these girls do harbour revenge and enjoy gettin their own back which removes the perfunctory element, an element totally removed from many bitchfightuk fights in my mind.

Their rematch began with a walk-around in sexy lingerie followed by an equally hot ground fight with, again, heavy slapping episodes. All in all two very sexy, hard hitting, hair tugging fights.

Forgive the repetition but these next two stare-downs linked to my hopes of a showdown between Faith and Natalie. Carmen's (left) and Faith's first fight was a stab in the dark in my thoughts because if Carmen is beaten by Faith then my dream of Faith going after Natalie was improved.

Carmen had not long before lost to Natalie in a tough fight and if Faith beat Carmen my dream fight was on the cards. Carmen did have me wondering when, in the opening minutes she had her feet into Faith's belly and her whole body was pushed into the air but Faith landed without injury and after three hard rounds went on to force a submission from a fighting Carmen.

No sign of my dream fight. Come on BFuk get the finger out! It was decided that Carmen and Faith would rematch. By now bad blood between the two definitely escalated with scathing exchanges on the old forum.

The rematch was so intense because these ladies had learned a lot from their first encounter so, was Carmen going to turn the tables? Dressed in skirts and blouses the bitching was over and the fight was on. Boom!

Faith ( left ) forced Carmen onto the settee and while Carmen gripped Faith's hair she was bodily lifted off the settee and brought to the floor ( a touch of MMA ). Carmen could not match Faith's determination. Later, while straddling Carmen, ever the spectacular showgirl, Faith took off her shirt exposing her lovely breasts as she straddled and contained Carmen. Wow! The pic ( above ) is the start of the third round. ) The submission finally came from a beaten and gutted Carmen but the bitchy talk kept going for a short time before Carmen walked off the set and the camera died as Faith flexed a sore shoulder..

At this time I was concluding a picture story on the old forum imagining Natalie and Faith in a championship bitch fight, finally backing Faith to win but a cowboy state-side explained why Natalie would win. I was chuffed I finally got a response from a cat-fight fan.

The announcement suddenly hit the forum that the fight between Natalie ( right ) and Faith had happened. Gasp! It transpired that when Faith rematched Carmen, Natalie was at the arena ready to take on Faith. No, they didn't box ( above ) but I was to see the fight I had longed for and I can tell you it was a blockbuster, for me, superseding all others. Two confident young women finally facing up to tackle the unknown.

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