Monday, 9 February 2015

Staredowns and Sauce. Part 1

On the old BFuk forum, fan contribution, in my view altered the shape of the fights as Bfuk took to occasionally showing opponents in a close stare-down before locking horns. More often the pic is the medium of this meaningful act of aggression.

Electra (right) was seriously serious when she entered the fight arena, even wearing an Xmas hat you can tell from the pic she wasn't there to lose. With Electra fans got their moneys-worth. Ria ( left ) gave of her best valiantly staying in the fight but Electra was too powerful and willing to go the extra.

Cassie was on the receiving end of a beat-down from Electra, now Cassie was jokey and cheeky during her fights but it was wasted on Electra.

I'm making Electra out to be humourless. Not true. Without elaboration she had me in stitches on another matter on the internet: nearly wet myself.

In addition a few fights were preceded with the ladies circling each other exchanging verbals. I did love these additions to the download, not so much the stare-down but the circling with verbal got me to amber level quickly; the ladies would strut their stuff sucking me into the highest levels of anticipation ( on more than one level - can't keep my eyes off the swinging butt - so sexy ) before the fight began.

And a superb example was Axa v Jamie Lee. These girls put so much venom into the preliminaries that I had to believe there was total animosity between the two; the fight lived up to that start. As they circled each other the atmosphere flowed from intense stare-down to very sexy strutting in high gear.

And how did that bubble burst? A verbal from Axa happened and Jamie could contain herself no longer, her hands snaked into Axa's hair, a flare of violence to rein me back to reality.

Most of the fights I watched lived up to the BFuk tradition, going beyond at times while a few could be defined differently but I always found something in the difference to rally my interest.

Very rarely did I have to watch it twice in order to do so, in fact watching twice allowed me to research breast-slapping at BFuk, perhaps in another post.

The ladies entering into the discussions on the forum heightened my appreciation of them and I was able to take this perspective into their upcoming fights. I can understand why some girls have no interest in stare-downs or strutting, just as I can understand why many fans are only interested in the fight itself.

Carmen and Faith ( left ) were prime examples of forum forecast, I tingled at their forum tussle as I did in that magnificent fight where Faith gave Carmen no quarter though Faith's hair roots must have been ' tingling ' from Carmen's solid hair grip.

One of the few fights I mentioned earlier could not meet the standards of a BFuk barnstormer.

Axa versus a topless Chelsea French was a playful version with two very sexy ladies behaving in a serious stare-down way, but Chelsea French wasn't there to knock the stuffing out of Axa.

It soon emerged that Axa was way above the fight standard of Chelsea French though Axa maintained a dour face and roughed-up her opponent throughout the fight.

The fight ended with Axa playfully slapping Chelsea French's naked chest. Wow, mile high in an instant for me. So if it's a mis-match, make mine a decent-sized sandwich with a delicious meaty centre and sexy sauce.

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