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Boxing at BitchfightUK


Lightning Lacey I'm afraid is a boxing poser, she is a marvellous cat-fighter and I'm a drooling fan of hers so I can only wish some day she'll box for her fans. 

I have imagined her in a boxing match against Sahara and I can prove it. Sahara's knocked her on her butt but the finish could well be different if Lacey decides to box.

BitchfightUK boxing is secondary to cat-fights but there are many photos of their fight ladies posing in boxing gloves on all the BFuk internet outlets.

It's not just posing, there are several boxing videos available, some are topless, mostly body boxing but in the main, earnestly portrayed in a variety of locations. 

The first boxing vid produced was between the then owner of BFUK and her sister. 

Owner Simone and Kerrie gave their own version of boxing on the bed which was a first for BFUK but other vendors were also producing a variety of boxing tastes so the competition was and still is, very stiff. 

                      Simone atop Kerrie, good job their claws are covered.

Because boxing was apparently not so popular as cat-fights BFuk began to split their videos to include segments of boxing and cat-fight by girls prepared to do both and now even these have been separated.


Photo shows Big in the Game Jane (left) putting on the style against popular Jamie Lee who bludgeoned her way to victory. Possibly a top ten stare-down for me.

The BFuk ladies who posed in boxing gloves and actually boxed were elevated in my estimation, a notch above the others. 

I have to make the connection at this point that the old BFuk forum allowed the fans to, let's say, get a taste of the ladies personalities who posted on the forum: a magnetic insight to correspond with any actual upcoming fights, which for me, amounted to icing on the cake.

Such personalities included Ruby, Axa, Chelsea, Electra, Emma, Sahara, Faith, Cassie and Natalie offering forthright opinions.

Occasionally the girls exchanged ( sometimes confrontational ) banter on the old forum pre-fight and this increased the anticipation of any forthcoming match.

No poser is Carmen, she eventually boxed for her fans and it was in topless mode, as was her opponent.

Sexual innuendo? Sure: there's always that type of banter on the forum by a few, posting innuendo to excite the libido and not just the fans.

I would expect there is an overlay of sexual veneer even where it is unintended, I guess it depends on the fan's perspective. Nothing indirect about Carmen's pic - in your face! 

Ruby (left), claiming from her past she was taught some boxing within family life and it certainly showed in a solid biffing body boxing match against a valiant Axa, who dished out considerable punishment herself but was worn down in the last round by a tenacious Ruby.

Axa, light on her feet made Ruby chase her, the thudding exchanges were intentional and looked for, as in the style of real boxing.

As I recall, Axa did challenge a girl to box on the old forum and what a furore that caused but she'd challenged Faith, who had just arrived at BFuk and laughingly posted she wasn't ready for a boxing beating. These two did cat-fight later in a video never seen at BFuk. Too risque perhaps? They were both into risque, without a doubt.

Axa (left) also took on Emma in a topless boxing match and the sight of these two stripped to the waist, ready to box was breath - catching, but Axa, again light-footed with snappy punches was too much for Emma and all of it just about too much for me.

Topless Emma (right) boxed topless Candy, very little movement of the feet here, just hard solid body slugging. ( I tried to give the name ' slugger ' on the forum to Emma at which she scoffed, but she was an outrageously gorgeous sexy slugger.)

There was the occasional punch to the head ( isn't there always) till Emma, seemingly disgusted with boxing, hauled off the gloves to cat-fight.

Emma, somehow, always managed to bring out the best ( could easily say the worst ) in her opponents, which invariably led to a hard-fought contest and as Candy was not easily overawed, that's exactly what it was.

Though catfights are the main course at BFuk, Chelseab (right) who defeated Ruby in a sensational cat-fight for the title also stripped down and donned the boxing gloves to box Big in the Game Jane. They went on to have a cat-fight after the boxing match but they stripped off the tops for that.

Jane was a boxing stylist but a determined, demanding Chelseab powered her way to a win in both categories.

Likewise, another champion at BFUK, Electra (left), a fighting powerhouse like Chelseab took on Ria, a then recent discovery, boxing with a xmas flavour and a valiant Ria was gradually decimated by an unrelenting champion.

I could say it was almost a KO in boxing and in their cat-fight a TKO because Ria ( she is cute ) wasn't seen again.

Early boxing in BFuk's history was a tad harder than playful, mostly on the bed with lots of energy.

Oiling the breasts ( the erotic glint on women in a fight is tantalising pour moi ) was creatively introduced in a special Xmas production with the Pocket Rocket (right) and Chrystal. Have to change it to Sexmas Cat-fights: who could object to that?

 This wasn't the first boxing match for the Pocket Rocket, she was called Zoe when she boxed Kate ( left ), both stripped to the waist and they exchanged high-energy flurries of body-blows. 

A smile ( both girls seemed to enjoy punching each other ) from Kate, though I suspect through gritted teeth as the fight wore on and the punches released but these two went at it with honest gusto, proven by the sounds of the glove on skin. 

Thumbs up to these two splendid ladies from me.

Other non-glinting skin matches included two legends of their time Daisy (in blue) and a 19 year old Natalie, body boxing. Daisy did have a habit of intending to deploy Muay Thai knee strikes which I don't think were authorised.

Going under or over the rules radar did not worry some fighters: I got into hot water for encouraging this on the forum but many fans feel it 'ups the ante.' 

Certain ladies think differently and they are the ones that make sense, I suppose. Gotta blame the adrenaline.

The outdoor boxing matches were especially fantastic. Two first-time appearance sisters told BFuk they would box each other at a BFuk team contest summer meeting and they absolutely did, in the roped off ( OK string!) fight area which had been a boiling cauldron of cat-fights that day.

The topless sister Lily was handed a bit of a lesson by Milly but they were so enthusiastic I could not help but feel they were out there to prove who was best.

I say it was a draw because Lily had the nerve to strip to topless, she gets more points for that.

Man oh Man! Poland versus the UK. A European topless female boxing match. Where?

If you go down to the woods today... surprise, surprise, you could come across BFUK girls boxing topless in the forest. 

An exceptional production by BFuk featuring a BFuk favourite,  Carmen ( right ) against a young Polish lady called Sapphire.

Having just had a cat-fight where Carmen got the better of Sapphire, Carmen apparently couldn't resist the challenge from Sapphire to box, so they stripped down again, headed into the woods where they had a thumping good boxing match. 

Sapphire was the more aggressive but Carmen got the 'thumbs up' from me for staying in there.

I do give these girls full marks for their efforts, head punching attempts involved and this was a sexy boxing match given the background and near naked contestants. Do you like the stockings? I presume they figured that a splash of erotic ( as if it didn't appear erotic enough ) couldn't go amiss.

Carmen was first off with the gloves and they again went at each other in another cat-fight: Carmen should have finished her day at boxing.

Faith ( left ), a forum poster who admits she is an attention whore, gave us some cracking cat-fights and took the plunge into boxing against the hugely endowed Mellie, when she didn't quite box topless ( I can understand that when you see Mellie's frontage ).

That's not how boxing works Faith but if you insist, with views like that who needs rules.  

Mellie didn't start out topless but she sure as hell couldn't keep those beauts harnessed for long.

Faith boxed topless against Lexi. As you can see Faith didn't abide by the rules ( that's my gal) the 'too low' hit also a specialty though I have to post that Lexi was up for a contest.

 I know it gives a different meaning to a catch-weight contest but it does reduce my enjoyment a little, when one goes topless and not the other.

Justice, a feisty fighter, tackled Drucilla at boxing.

Having seen them in cafights I couldn't resist seeing them in boxing gloves, actually boxing.

A bigger girl, Drucilla boxed with style but with little real effect on Justice, who was not short on technique, like a hawk, she had Dru's generous belly in her sights and she landed many punches from the shoulder into Dru's midriff. Oof!

                                                                                                      Game girl Drucilla.
Dru not only had to contend with punishment from Justice, she was unable to control her breasts having a mind of their own, popping out now and again, to my delight.

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