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In Bitchfightuk circles slapping to the body, hairpulling and grappling are the main ingredients of their fights and the girls it seems, mostly get on with it. Some don't mind hairpulling and I suspect the course of the fight may be determined by an individuals preference. A girl might have her hair tied up or braided which could suggest she's not keen on hairpulling though she doesn't mind pulling her opponents hair, especially if it's flowing. On the forum the choice of hair style for a fight was the subject of bitter squabbles amongst the girls, to the fans delight, .

Slapping immediately raises my interest. I have often made reference anecdotally to slapping when describing certain fights in the past on the BFuk forum. Personally I like the ladies to stay upright for a catfight as opposed to ground grappling or wrestling.

My interest in ladies boxing is surely to blame; for instance, the two recent fights involving Layla and Danni are incredible slapping matches. The girls in effect boxing each other, with Danni ( no defence whatsoever ) taking the fight to Layla, naturally without boxing skill ( as I would expect ) landing slaps to a retreating Layla who constantly had to push Danni away to search for her moments to get in her return slaps.

Lots of slaps hit the arms early on but when they reached in to the hair, each used her grip to stabilize herself in order to slap hard, noticeably Danni took advantage and walloped with gusto. As the fight wore on heavier slaps snaked into the body from different angles as woeful defences slackened.

The first time, I believe, they went to the floor to grapple was at the end of the third and final round when the submission was dragged out of a slapped out woman.

The rematch actually followed the same lines, Danni punishing Layla who perhaps had a bit more of the action. Was Layla out of her depth? Not her style of fight? I have seen her in tremendous hairpulling matches against quicksilver Lacey and stubborn Sahara where she gave an excellent account of herself ( not a lot of slapping in these fights ) so I did think Layla would be a tough ask for Danni.

Danni's entrance to BFuk started with the most exciting and fascinating ( for me ) newbie fight ever. I trumpeted on the forum about how I enjoyed the fight but it fell on deaf ears ( no change there lol ). Her opener was against Titch and did the slaps freakin fly. Titch had Danni in a tizzy, wading in, head down, slapping wildly, I thought, surely to victory but Danni dug in to slap back, eventually more effectively until she began to even up the fight.

A close fight at the end but Titch was out on her feet and injured (how she managed to lose a real finger nail beats me ). Danni was not so effective in her other, more conventional catfights, where the fight stayed on the floor though the little beauty always gave her utmust.

Danni is totally hot and has appeared in many a catfight. Unfortunately hottie Titch did not return.

Summertime last year, BFuk introduced a three-way to happen on the same day when Sahara was to face two slightly heavier ladies. The round robin is very exciting for many, including me, being a way to determine who is the toughest on the day. To fight twice on the same day was quite common at BFuk but these girls were absolutely mauled, bruised and must have been absolutely knackered. Mainly the slapping was prolific in all three, one in particular left me aghast; that Mandi and Portia ( two newbies ) could punish each other so much over two rounds and in the final round slap themselves to a standstill left me reeling. Trio photo-shopped and the three fights were topless.

Firstly - Sahara giving away nearly a stone ( around 6 kilos ) going in against Mandi ( described by BFuk as a cougar - yes she may be but I grew to adore Mandi for her effort 'shucks ') after three rounds of dogged catfighting, Mandi, on a learning curve, had to admit that little Sahara was too experienced for her.

Sahara's superiority showed in all three of BFuk's catfight priorities, hair pulling, slapping and grappling. What a great fight, Sahara's skill shone through but as the fight wore on Mandi began to wise up, though she took a beating, her improvement as the fight wore on was to serve her well for her next fight.

Into the arena for the first time entered the fair Portia to take on Mandi who already looked badly bruised from her previous fight against Sahara. A few pounds heavier than Mandi, Portia's pretty face looked to me an easy mark for Mandi who had impressed me greatly fighting Sahara, but I decieved myself, as these two went at it from the word go.

Portia was not just a pretty face and tidy figure but ready to trade hairpulling and heavy, almost brutal slaps. The ground grappling was evenly shared though they didn't last long on the deck, getting to their feet, both willing to slap box each other, it seemed, to a knockout, and that was just the first round.

The boxing continued until the end of the last round with the continual noise of slaps sinking into raw and bruised flesh, Portia, wincing at times still taking hard hits from Mandi and just as I had decided to give Mandi a points win ( was I biased? ) Mandi cuddled Portia and submitted. Damn!

The final saw Sahara taking on Portia in a tough fight.

I already knew Portia was no walkover and Sahara surely knew this ( I'm pretty sure she would watch Portia fight Mandi ), but she took on the heavier Portia with her usual zeal and gusto.

Sahara's skill shone through again, the sound of heavy slapping from both rent the air noisily, the hair skirmishes and grappling were where Sahara excelled so I think Sahara deserved the lead after two rounds.

Portia made her big move in the third round putting Sahara under a lot of pressure, I reckon, and at one point Portia had Sahara looking, I thought, unsure.

But a couple of belly slaps from Portia energised a tired Sahara who finished by telling Portia to ' Come on then ' yanking her about by the hair while slapping hard. The fight wasn't resolved so we're waiting for a rematch.

Fantastic fights, all three ladies were incredible and I particularly loved the format - I live in hope. Please return Mandi and Portia tho I guess the skin was tenderized by the hard slapping so it may be a 'once in a lifetime' for them.

The final superb pic is where I thought Sahara was unsure as the bigger Portia piled on final round pressure.

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