Monday, 5 January 2015

What's in a Clinch?

I love the clinch, a wondrous moment in staged, topless boxing when I get hot under the collar watching two tiring women cuddle-up during the match.

They lock-up, hot and sweaty, seeking a brief respite from the big lefts and rights and from the knock-downs, though I should stress here that in a clinch they continue in-fighting and exchange light punching to the hair and ribs for continuity. ( very sexy imo )

The clinch sometimes does happen for real ( not as often as you might think in women's boxing ) on the pro circuit but few get me 'hot and bothered '  awesome as the fights may be.

On occasion I do reach dizzy heights when a woman, stepping outside the norm, dresses her own way to box.

A boxer can't help it if she has sex appeal and I can't help it if I notice, if two boxers dress away from the norm and I am attracted to them through their sex appeal - whoosh - but it's their training and abilities at boxing in which I'm mainly interested. I think?

                      This pic (above ) does not accurately reflect women's        
              MMA, just wishful thinking.

Clinching on the floor, as in wrestling or MMA has not reached me in the same way, but I have had exciting moments with a few MMA fights as when they are on the deck, whacking in the punches or in stand-up. Fascinating!

In stand-up mode the violence is escalated as they punch and kick ( not as much padding on these flimsy MMA mitts ) each other about the ring, both women desperate to reach the winning post and in the clinch some see an opening for raising the knee to the gut or an elbow to the face. Shivery awesome!

Though dress and appearance can stimulate me, when they get into the fight, punching etc., the fact is, I mostly see superbly conditioned professionals, trained to fight like men, though to see a woman fight MMA or any other combat style in girly fashion allows me room for some relief.

I reckon that Muay Thai fighting women are more sexy on the eye than any other form of fighting due to how they dress and sometimes their bodies are seen to glint with the shiny stuff but the clinch is never languid enough, using knees to the stomach and ribs and elbows to the face which creates too much frightening movement for a genuine clinch.

The pic proves my point though I have stretched artistic licence, just a little.

I haven't covered catfights because the clinch is not so easy to find ( not standing ); women who catfight are into each others hair and often are quickly to the floor, however BFuk girls are sometimes prone to stand and slap before they go down but the closest I could get to a clinch is depicted above; hot topless Kelly and lovely Layla, ( who has not yet stripped to the waist - could yet happen ) a superb pic by BFuk.

I would stress that I have huge respect for the women who fight each other according to rules but I find no joy to see them injured or knocked down or out for real.

Since women have entered the fight arena my eyes are now only for them but on occasion my imagination can take over, for which I do not apologise.

When the fiery sisters, Milly and Lilly boxed outdoors for BFuk the clinch needed no imagination. Seeing is believing.

The two sisters were so competitive, any rules you could think of went out the window.

I will end on a lighter note, I do hope the women clinch more often, topless, in fake fights, leaning on each other, chest to chest, belly to belly, thigh to thigh, skin glinting, groaning quietly but on the whole taking it seriously: for my benefit. ( Well, I am a paying customer.)

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