Monday, 29 December 2014

Sahara v Lacey. What If ? For me - always ongoing.

Round up :- based on their recent catfight who would win if they did put on the boxing gloves? Seems to me that Lacey would have the heavier punch but that Sahara would still be there at the end of three rounds. So I'd have to think that this pic would be unlikely and a draw, likely.

Never having seen Sahara and Lacey together prior to their recent catfight, when they finally faced up ( I do like to compare the women before they fight) I reckon Lacey looked to be a few lbs heavier than in her former fight days ( aint that life ), so Sahara, as always, toed the line and took this in her stride.

Coming out of nowhere, Lacey returned to the fight scene cold ( unless she was jukin it out elsewhere) to take on the legend at BFuk known as Sahara, though Sahara has been active in wrestling circles, a little of which she used in her fight, in defence, against Lacey.

Boxing is not an option for these two but I can and will day-dream that they hammer at each other for three rounds, a sexy sheen on their bodies, Lacey going for the serious knockout in the first two rounds 

in which Sahara, battered, bloodied and bruised survives and in the final round tames Lacey with clever jabs and hooks to body and face, exhausting Lacey in the process.

                                                                                   The perfect draw.

Forgot to mention...they were both topless and in g strings. Yum Yum!!

Or was it naked? Oh no! I shouldn't be telling you that.

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