Sunday, 21 December 2014

At Last - Sahara v Lacey Cat-fight

Lacey ands Sahara finally got it ON. I believe I predicted how the fight might develop and voila I wasn't far off. Have to give Sahara an early lead for how she dressed ( or undressed )for the fight. Lacey can undress for a fight too and she strips down superbly but not apparently for this fight. I detected a little strain on these pretty faces at the start while sharing their stats with us.

Did Sahara get a sneer from Lacey in a stats disagreement? Sahara is very expressive and uses her face well to show her opponent she is not impressed. Just had to share this pic of Sahara from the Bitchfightuk's Yahoo groups.

I can see the mischief-making quality ( looks like she's doing the Haka ) in this toned little lady; a wickedly durable fighter who comes across as a happy-go-lucky person enjoying max-life. 

I've always enjoyed Lacey's fights, her aggression towards her opponents has a whirlwind effect and they have to be durable, or they lose early.

Even girls bigger than she must suffer one of her must do's ( saying to her oppo before the start, 'bet I throw you today' ), perhaps knowing she might lose but her 'must do' gets done before the finish.


Sahara was no slouch at taking on the bigger ladies either, the pic shows her and Natalie getting ready to square up. Giving eight inches and around 45 lbs they scrapped bare-breasted and Natalie failed to pin her to a finish.

The tension between Lacey and Sahara was obvious though the girls looked relaxed enough to prove their point. I have to give the a decent edge to Lacey for the first two frenzied rounds, Sahara soaked up a lot of punishment and verbals but for both, the hair got the brunt of their desperate fighting: all the throws going to Lacey who seemed the stronger of the two. And yet, when Ian called the final round and they faced up, Sahara was into verbals, looking confident.

Did I see a look of respect on Lacey's face: I do imagine ( maybe wish for ) certain nuances. After a slapping sequence that rattled the rib cages Sahara took over in the third, long round, in a restraining sense, as Lacey had , I believe, shot her bolt. While being restrained she even managed to tell the camera that Sahara wasn't as good as her fans believed. Sahara had survived the early onslaught by Lacey which proves her durability.

I have to believe that now, the girls respect each other but I'd like to think maybe there is still a grudge between them, sufficient to warrant another confrontation, the bonus in my mind would be that Lacey strips down the same as Sahara.

The end, but not without the Haka  ( Maori war chant ), somebody ought to tell her she does that to her opponent before the start of the fight.

My monumental thanks to Ian and both these marvelous ladies for fulfilling the...unfulfilled. Eat, drink and be merry. 

Overall I'd score the drawn fight which gives perhaps gives you the flow -

Sahara -Rd1 - 5. Rd2 - 6 Rd3 - 8. Total 20

Lacey - Rd1 - 9   Rd2 - 8 Rd3 - 2. Total 20

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