Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fifth Boxing Gallery

Prepared to launch herself into the glare of publicity on the forum, Sam posed in boxing gloves and faced up to Electra.

Electra's previous fight against Cassie was a literal beat-down in which Cassie had no chance. My thoughts on Electra was that she's a strong and tough lady who might be prepared to go to extremes to win.

Seeing her subsequent fights against Sam and Ria confirmed my thoughts.

Along came Ceecee previously endowed with fighting experience and the build-up to this fight and the rematch...let's just say it was near hysteria for me.

Electra ( right ) had never really been tested in a a cat-fight at BFuk when Sam was given that chance.

She tried and failed to convince Electra, but in post-analysis on the forum, Sam's effort and appearance convinced some fans she should return but they, in turn, could not convince Sam.

Becca never boxed and in her boxing poses I'm sure many see past the gloves to appreciate her in all her glory, modeling her sexy outfit.

I see cute and sexy model too but the addition of boxing gloves immediately conveys that this pic is of a fighting beauty with the added erotic thought that she might like to box another gal.

My over-active imagination does have it's uses.

Chelseab is a whole lotta woman who gets into the face of her opponents and never doubts the outcome though an out-take from her big fight against Ruby describes the toll taken from her between rounds, when she was photographed with her head in a plastic bucket apparently retching.

I did see that fight and the effort made by these two ladies and the frantic adrenalin amongst their team members as they screamed for one captain to get the better of the other. Awesome!

When Sahara, Portia and Mandy got into their three-way catfight, I'm working in tandem in a sketchy three-way fantasy boxing competition. I loved these fights.

Katie took on two fights at BFuk tackling Natalie and Carmen losing both but giving a creditable performance which I think could have been built on: as yet, she is off the grid.

Kerrie, the boss's sister was involved way back in the early days when she made a big impression with her cat-fights and her inquisitiveness on the forum as to what made the guys tick in the catfight game.

She decided to get on with her life after several, very welcome, appearances. 

Portia hit me big when she appeared last year in the three-way fights, a hot looker and a game and feisty fighter rising to the top of my list and she did it topless. Will we see her again?

Another young woman prepared fo fight topless was Celine and her inaugural cat-fight had a surprising result though her second appearance against Holly was her last.

I actually would have liked to see her fight Natalie because of her comparable size to her, even if I knew Nat would trounce that sweet lady I reckon it would have been worth watching.

I believe I could have been really passionate about this boxing match, their actual catfight shortly after this pic mutated me into a slavering mutt going hoarse: the boxing match would have done the same so it's just as well it didn't happen, I mightn't have recovered a second time.

Axa was one of the sexiest women to enter and leave the BFuk story-book; follow her trail to find her into straight or raunchy wrestling, in fact she'll take you even further to wrestling of another kind.

However her commitment to the BFUK cat-fight was solely to fight, keeping the serious look for her fans and her fixated concentration on her opponent.

At one time BFuk could have ventured into the seamier side of cat-fights and Axa, I've no doubt, could have been the first to catapult BFuk into that style with aplomb and confidence and I would have had the utmost faith in her. BFuk stepped back and the idea was lost.

Topless women boxing outdoors seizes my attention, so I just had to savour the video contents of boxing and catfight from Carmen and newbie Sapphire from Poland.

Face-punching had been discussed on the forum and this encounter embraced that aspect though both girls, I suspect, boxing for the first time, maintained an energetic and determined bout failing to get a knock-out or knock-down but it was a sexy delivery nonetheless.

The owner of BFuk back then, Simone ( right ) put on the gloves to bedroom box her sister Kerry, what a delicious thought, though sisters have had their fair share of competing with each other at BFUK.

The early heydays of BFUK took a downturn, the reasons too sketchy for me on which to pontificate, suffice to say after some lapse of time the show appears to be on the road again, this time with internet platforms on Facebook and Twitter and a Bitchfightuk blog etc while still maintaining their yahoo groups.

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