Sunday, 21 August 2016

Lottie's Facebook Drama and Her Cat-fights against Amy - Part 2

I see the potential of a rematch where a cat-fighter reverses her original loss and there we have it, what many fans dream of but reality most often destroys.

                                                                 Lottie doesn't look too confident.

I'm not sure, but due to her FB revelation, perhaps Lottie had developed her misgivings about turning out for BFUK by this time and toughened her resolve because the rematch might turn out quite riveting due to Lottie's disenchantment, to provide me with a retro additional high to the fight.

                                                   A confident Amy is looking ' up for it.'

A tough, fighting campaigner is Amy, already a winner against Lottie but would Lottie find the desire to look for a rematch win. 

I doubt if much time elapsed between their fights that day.

Fight 2. 

                                                                    Ready to rumble.

Pretty women takes a different tone at BFUK, let's see what Lottie has to offer and will Amy continue the barrage of slapping that had Lottie yipping and looking for space. 

The fight wasn't a carbon copy of the first but a template might have fitted the noises from both battles. Lottie's exasperated noises including the occasional yelp at a hard slap or hair gripping from Amy. 

The take-downs were from Amy by the hair, her slap rate volume was continued and when she went to pull Lottie on top of her, Lottie couldn't be budged to that position.

Lottie showed some initiative when Amy's slaps were landing on tenderized skin, she gave Amy's hair a fierce tug to spin Amy out of her slapping zone and Amy was forced to expel noisy air.

At one point Lottie comes up for air believing her nose was bleeding though seconds later during the continued skirmish Amy whispered that there was no sign of blood ( it seemed like ) and started to whack Lottie's back again. No let up there for Lottie.

Amy conquers Lottie after two ' give ' requests.

Though Lottie says she'll get Amy next time and gives the impression of turning up to cat-fight again, this does not tally with her version posted on FB. So was she being politically correct for BFUK or is her option to fight again for BFUK still on the table? I'd like to think so but I doubt she will. 

Too bad, she learned a lot from her fights with Amy to take her into a bout with another fighter but her perspective on BFUK cat-fighting has been altered so we must wait and see.

As for the lovely Amy whose win tally has her currently ' the fighter ' at BFUK, said Lottie was feisty but the work rate in both fights was from Amy, she was way too tough for Lottie.

Full credit to Lottie for her effort at BFUK, it may not count much for Lottie but I am in full admiration for any lass who turns out for BFUK, win or lose.

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