Thursday, 4 August 2016

Lottie's Facebook Drama and Her Cat-fights against Amy. Part 1

A confident Lottie engages Facebook, creating a page connecting herself to BFUK, pen-sketching her personality, an exciting new and lovely face to which the fans flock but above all, quite willing it seems to cat-fight for BFUK. Whoosh!

As you can imagine, some FB fans went pretty wild about this and while Lottie went about her business on FB she attracted a fan-base ( the less desirable critics were inevitable and I'm sure she suffered that as staunchly as she could ) and she certainly lifted the mood of the BFUK fans to the expectancy of a lovely new chunky lady with a cat-fight in the offing, but would it happen?

She wasn't the only volunteer cat-fighter at the time. Another lass also signed up to FB going through the same turmoil as Lottie, actually arriving at the location of her cat-fight at BFUK only to find out her opponent, Sahara, was unable to appear. A real bummer but that's the nature of cat-fights, I guess. 

On the old forum matters such as these happened occasionally but any damage was soaked up more easily, it seems, and the forum marched on.  

Some, if not all cat-fighters who posted on the old forum, had to suffer the same insult and criticism by private messaging and this occasionally surfaced on the forum but I guess most of the girls had to......... suffer in silence.

But Lottie's story hadn't finished, she was to fight Layla which I reckon was a good starting fight for Lottie, who seemed pleased enough to fight her but guess what? 

Layla failed to turn up on the day: however!

                       NO SHOW LAYLA ( STILL DAZZLES THOUGH EH! )

Fortunately, ( or unfortunately for Lottie ) Amy ( BFUK's current stalwart ) was on hand to fight her and Lottie published her version of the fight-day events on FB where she criticised BFUK and Amy after her cat-fights, though she'd had a few poses taken before her fights. Thankfully!

A peaceful view outside but Lottie's real battle would happen within these walls. I do like her outfit or is it the lack of it?

She apparently couldn't take to the simple rules of BFUK's, hair-pulling, slapping and grappling cat-fights, though she bravely battled on losing both her fights to Amy which, pretty much, was expected: this was Lottie's initiation to cat-fighting and Amy, almost a seasoned cat-fighter, already had several previous cat-fights under her belt. But how did Lottie actually do?

Their first cat-fight ( and some grabs ).

                                                     Lottie's face starting off defiant.

Would it be a tough BFUK fight rules match? Though a jittery start from Lottie, a squeal and trying to avoid the harsh slaps initially from Amy. 

Still, Lottie settled in, though the slapping was very aggressive and almost continuous, particularly from the experienced Amy. No flicking or tippy-tapping in this fight.

Some of the slapping exchanges were shared until they went to ground when Lottie showed she wasn't there to play bonny with the hair attacks going one way then the other. 

Lottie was showing..........impressive for a newbie against the experienced Amy.

While Amy eyed up her target with severe slaps, Lottie, on top, ( a position which Amy, I feel, selected herself ( shades of Natalie)) tucked her head down and hit out blindly catching Amy on the head at times but her slaps were equally hard and could go anywhere.

Amy's slaps were vicious and Lottie's back was soon reddened and bruised.  

Her strategy was to pile up the points where Lottie had the occasional inactive spell when she just couldn't keep up with an unrelenting and merciless Amy.

Lottie bounced back and I use this grab to demonstrate at the start of the second round, how Lottie described her post-feelings on FB about the BFUK cat-fight, that she'd rather have fought Amy with her fists: she did not take to the slapping.

Into the second round and Amy continues to enjoy the bottom spot after a slapping bout on their feet where Lottie defensively slapped side on, as Amy aggressively face-fronted to slap.

I do think Lottie's costume tops Amy's because of the exposure it allows of Lotties sweet assets.

Amy keeps up her aggressive slapping as they go to ground, where she continues the barrage of slaps on Lottie's body and Lottie does her best to retaliate with some good returns.

The last round is shorter and finally Amy takes the mount with a besieged Lottie looking beaten.

Lottie doesn't want to submit to Amy right away but when asked a second time, she folds. You can see that Lottie's costume also folded and revealed one of her natural wonders.

' I'm not happy ' says Lottie at the finish.

Amy, ( the assassin, ( chortle!) ) with a lovely smile said Lottie put up a good fight: I agree but Amy was a step too far for the newbie. 

How would Lottie treat the rematch soon after?

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