Tuesday, 16 August 2016

HAIR POOL 8 - Get a Grip!

Ceecee left in the ungainly throes of defeat as Electra finally dominates, attacking her hair and winning with naked aggression, nakedly proclaiming herself the best fighter.

Lacey and Milly tangle outdoors. 

Lacey is an outstanding proponent of the hair attack at BFUK. She didn't win this fight, having to retire when the heavier Millie began to turn the fight her way. Cracking fight.

( One-of ) Sharni ( left )is faster to the hair than Danni, leading to a downright defeat for the blonde Danni who tried so hard. 

Sharni had a different perspective of cat-fighting than Danni.

Amy's got her hands full with Sam's but just look at Sam's sturdy legs taking Amy's weight as her hair is trashed.

Natalie piles into Roxy, their sexy topless bodies urgently fighting for the submission. 

Roxy hurt Natalie with hard slaps but Natalie's experience and doggedness got the final top spot.

While lacey is an excellent proponent of the hair attack, Sahara is an excellent proponent of the stand-up fight where she controls her opponent's ( Layla in this case ) hair and lays in heavy slaps. 

 Sahara against Carmen in an oil-fight, unusually the hair did not escape the attention of the ladies, nor did the slapping, thought they could not last too long before the girls lost their footing. Very slippery but very sexy shiny all the way.

These two had a right tug-o-war cat-fight and it was a white-knuckle affair while standing and an all out war with slaps. 

Faith ( right ) dominated in the take-downs and floor fight while Justice did her damage in the stand-up.

One of the best hair fights at BFUK, Jane ( right ) threw Vivian around by the hair ferociously while Vivian rarely let go of Jane's hair.

A surprise ending in this fight for me.

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